B000H8250SThere are things about backpacks that can be really impressive, like, for example, being a backpacker. Not all people who dare to launch an adventure of that kind, because you have to have a lot of courage to do it, but without doubt that the result is much more rewarding than expected at the beginning of everything.

If you do not know much about this lifestyle, then this article will be very useful for you, since, in it, I will be in charge of talking to you much more thoroughly about everything that implies being a backpacker. Who knows? Maybe after reading all this, they want to be backpackers for a day or more.

- Who is a backpacker?

B002BFZ9NAThe backpackers are all those people who love adventures and who go around the world making trips on their own, visiting all kinds of places and thus creating life experiences. The term backpacking is given, precisely, because they travel only with a backpack. In it they must carry everything they need or what they think they need. The trips can be short or long, but it really depends on what the person prefers.

Be that as it may, the experience of being a backpacker lies in the art of solving all those problems that may arise along the way of our trip with only what we have in our backpack. It is to be ready to camp, to sweat, to get tired, to live. Many people who feel busy with their daily life decide to take a trip of this style to clear their minds and, without a doubt, they achieve it perfectly.

- What is a backpacking trip?

B06Y5KV2SYThe backpacker trips are usually long, it even involves crossing from one country to another or going through several countries. Therefore, preparation for this type of long journey must be key, not everyone is prepared physically or psychologically for this type of adventure.

There are times when trips can be short, they can be from one state to another, within the country itself or a long adventure in several countries, so we must be prepared, which means to be prepared also with money.

Some people prefer to make this trip in small groups of friends to make everything much more fun. Also, monetarily speaking, you can make everything much more comfortable.

The most important thing of backpacking trips is the experience that is acquired, because ultimately we will arrive from those trips knowing how to defend ourselves alone in any type of situation, even the least imagined one.

- How do you go backpacking?

B072JGJL2HTo go backpacking you need a big backpack, worth the redundancy, among other things. As I have already commented a bit, we need a lot of energy, because it is a strong trip where we do not have any kind of amenities, if you have to camp, camp, if you have to bathe in a river, it is done, and so on.

In that way, it is necessary to carry a big backpack where things like clothes change, food, money, a tent, some tools and all that kind of stuff. Another important thing that we must carry, is a first aid kit, because in this type of trips many bites, scrapes and all that kind of small injuries that should be treated at the moment may arise.

As you will notice, we must be prepared in every sense of the word, we must be ready for the unexpected. We can not go only with a bottle of water and a small meal, we must have everything at hand. Just as we must have a great physical conditioning, because anemic people or those who tire easily, are not ready to endure this type of travel.

- What is a backpack rapper?

B01MQLR7HYThe artists are another type of people who also like to throw themselves in this kind of backpacks adventures, because they go around the world spreading their art, going from place to place singing or showing what they do best, collecting money to continue with that kind of trips.

Rappers are usually one of those types of artists who go around the world as backpackers. They go from one place to another, usually getting on buses that take them to different destinations, while on the road they sing to people who are on the same bus. They usually pick up certain types of collaborations that allow them to continue traveling every day to continue spreading the art in all the places they go, leaving their little trail in each person to whom they have sung.

It is one of the best ways to spread the art even the ancient Greeks had aedos that went from one place to another singing the deeds of the great heroes, we have only kept the tradition with another type of art.

- What is the difference between a backpack and a  Rucksack?

B073W3M7VYB078M9QW62At this point, we will talk about the difference between two types of backpacks. It is a Backpack and a Rucksack. The fact is that the first word comes from English and the second from German, but both can easily be translated as a backpack, so, in definite, are the differences between a backpack and another backpack.

Having that first differentiation in terms of the origins of both words, then we must delve more deeply into the differences that separate one backpack from another. The differences at first glance are not many besides that a place they say to him of a form and in another, of another form. The issue is that, for example, there are more military people who use Rucksack's term than other people, because the others simply call it Backpack.

It also has to be said that one backpack can be bigger than another, so maybe one can be used for longer trips, while the other can not. however, definitely the biggest difference is in those who use a name and who else, because in any search they do they will find very similar backpacks. Since, the backpacks, after all, are backpacks, and we all use them with the same purpose.


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