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Climbing a tree with a tree stand to hunt something wild does not come easy as it may seem. To invest in a quality tree stand, it goes handy with having an amazing experience in hunting.

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakSafety and taking precautions is the key to staying safe in the wild and without a quality tree stand, ensuring this may be easily compromised.

Here are some of the best stands invented to help hunters have a quality time in the wilderness:

  1. Summit Mini Viper SD tree stand

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakIt’s an all-round climber with a perfect splendid balance of roominess and convenience, closed front climbing stand with a suspended foam padded seat with back rest which is suspended.                                                            - 

  • Made of cast aluminum and it’s meant for smaller hunters since it has a smaller length on the top and platform to make it easier and comfortable for the smaller hunter to climb. 
  • It has a complete body collapse system and a highly durable harness.
  • The stand weighs about 18 pounds with a shipping weight of 26.9 pounds.
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  1. Summit Viper SD Climbing tree stand

Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakIts comfort designed to keep you concealed, quiet, comfortable, safe and allows you an opportunity to be mobile. It has a parameter frame that allows the hunter to sit or stand while climbing hence allowing easy climbing. Being in use for more than 17 years it has the following features:

  • Closed front aluminum climber stand which is of high quality.
  • Weighs around 20lbs and can hold up to 300lbs.
  • Has a suspended padded seat with a back rest.
  • Include a full body arrest harness.
  • High grade of accuracy and durability though it requires high maintenance.
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  1. The lone wolf sit and climb combo II climbing tree stand

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree StandThe stand is highly portable even with its added accessories. There are constructed with hunters in mind and are not only light weighted but also with some low profile materials and very quiet. Being unique in its formation it attracts best the gun and bow hunters because:

  • Weighs 20 pounds and can accommodate 350 pounds.
  • Includes a six point fall arrest system.
  • Preferably for slim 4 inch profiles since its platform is 30 by 19.5 one piece cast aluminum design.
  • The seat is a 2 panel contoured foam pad.
  • Fits trees with 6-19 in diameter using two traction belts.
  • Maximum convenience and comfort without sacrificing ounce of performance.
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  1. Summit Tree stands SU81110 Goliath SD Climbing tree stand

Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakIt is one of the most preferable stand by many hunters since it provides an opportunity for mobility without affecting any weights than expected. It’s also easy to be moved to any direction you choose to get to and provides a larger easier seat. Since designed to be dependable for a long period of time it is useful and preferable for bow hunting.


  • Costumed engineered stretching foam to decrease unwanted noises. 
  • Quick draw wire attachment system that is simple quiet and fast.
  • High quality aluminum cast.
  • High grade accuracy that offers rigidity and durability.
  • Has a complete body collapse and strap up system.

Despite being a unique stand it slightly requires high maintenance. 

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  1. Summit Tree stands Titan SD Climbing Tree stand

Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing TreestandIt’s one of the roomiest climbing stand and preferable for large sized people.

  • Has a coupled peak platform with plenty weigh of 25 pounds and can withstand a weight of 350 pounds.
  • Has a unique comfort with user flexibility of mind.

Just like other tree stand it has a great and exceptional design and also spells a 1-2 inches distinction from others.

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  1. Summit Tree stand 180 max SD Climbing tree Stand

Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakThe summit provides maximum freedom to the hunter as it includes; quick climb stirrups, bungee pack belts, a quick draw cable system and a complete structure system.

  • Its convenience comes with a well-known surrounded seat.
  • Its body is spherical and bigger permitting you to turn about as you wish and also gives you an opportunity to face the tree.
  • It also allows the hunter an additional room for hunts since it has the biggest raised area.
  • The summit provides convenience vantage point for more chance and capacity of large hunts men.
  • Weighs 23 pound as it can hold up to 180 max pounds as its name suggests.
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  1. Lone wolf Hand Climber combo II climbing tree stand

Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber ComboIt has the greatest performance among other stands because;

  • Simply founds up to 5 inches package shape hence portable.
  • Efficient in getting to many thickest regions.
  • Designed with a 30 by 19.5 inches raised and weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Being very easy to set up it carries on as a light weighted tool.

As an hunter it helps you not to move in and out of the field to pack when you finish hunting since it allows you have a recline against your back to easy the task.

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  1. X-STAND Sit and Climb tree stand

X-Stand TreestandsX-Stand Sit & Climb Climbing Treestand, Silver It’s a stand with high quality aluminum material. The product is manufactured in a way that you can take your sit comfortably and climb the tree. The seat comes with a shooting rail and acts well as an arm recline. The seat also can act as a footrest.

It sit bar can be tucked beneath hence can help avoid cluttering your way as you climb up the tree. The stand is quite affordable with an effective and efficient attachment cables that are quick enough. The stand weigh 20 pounds and also allows for convenient backpacking.

The disadvantage of the stand is that the parts are prone to breaking while in use. 

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  1. Lone wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree StandRegarded as the leanest of the light weighted stands. Being one of the stands that helps you successfully hunt in difficult trees that you may encounter it has features that include;

  • Weighs 11 pounds with a 26 by 19.5 inches space and has got a limit of 350 pounds.
  • It offers a sufficient room for you to sit and has an in cast bow anchor feature.
  • The stand is quiet portable since its light in weight

Due to the leanness the stand can easily fall apart.

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  1. Hunting Deer Bow Game Tree Stand

The stand is termed as light weighted and has a concrete consistency which you can nearly afford to fit nearly in any tree.

  • It can afford to accommodate both short and long hunts expressing convenience and extensiveness.
  • The stand comes with high grade climb structured in sit and climb position.
  • It can accommodate a weigh of 300lbs.
  • The climbing slab is heavily padded and can be used as a gun recline.
  • The climbing braces offers more safe footing and the alternative security harness.

The stand is of mane advantages but has an inferior quality bet strap.

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To have a quality hunt you mast have first a quality stand and also climb a strong tree.

  • Use a strap or belts to hold yourself to the tree for safe tree expeditions.
  • Also position the bottom of the tree stand to the peak so that in case you can’t make it to the top you can get to the ground.

These are some but a few safety rule to follow while using stands to keep yourself safe and enjoy the hunting expedition.  

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy OakIt’s important to use a tree stand is you are afforded an opportunity to look over the bush and grasses that would otherwise hinder your view on the prey. Also assumes a perfect standing position in many tree spots quiet conveniently.

Since some trees have branches that may hinder the hunters view on the prey some hanging stands permits hunters to have more alternatives at a lower heights.Xtreme Outdoor Products XOP Ambush - Aluminum Climbing Tree Stands for Hunting

Stands have accessories which include bow holders, blinds, and cover shield of stands, shooting arrest, seat padding, the rope kit, camouflage tape and the umbrellas to secure hunters from harsh weather conditions.


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