7 Best Gifts For Hikers Under $25 In 2019


While choosing gifts for your known ones, it is a better idea to always look at their hobbies so that you are able to find useful gifts for them. Plenty of my friends love hiking. Hiking is a hobby which is pursued by millions of people all over the country. We would today share with you the best gifts which you can choose for your hiker friends.

  1. Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit

The 1st aid kit is one of the best gift items which you can give to anybody. The one which we are speaking about today consists of 57 different pieces. Moreover, it has a case as well which can be used to carry all those 57 pieces. With such a versatile first-aid kit, you would have no problems at all when it comes to outdoor trips. The first-aid kit can be used not only for outdoor trips but also for survival situations which adds to the versatility.


  • 57 piece kit
  • Case included
  • Survival items included as well
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  1. Headwear - 16-in-1 Headband

B074GKFHT8An extra layer of protection is always a good idea when you are heading outside. This headband is actually a multipurpose headband and you can use it in 16 different ways. Also, it is available in 6 different colors which ensure that you are able to pick the one which you like the most. It can easily protect you against harsh temperatures as well as difficult environmental conditions like during the storms as well. Thus, you can be sure that this extra layer of protection would help you a lot on your outdoor trips.


  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Can be worn in 16 different styles
  • An extra layer of protection
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  1. Altitude & Co. Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

B075QC2FR3The water bottle is one of the essential gears which you should always carry with yourself when it comes to outdoor trips. Therefore, the one which we are speaking about now that is the collapsible silicone water bottle is actually pretty good enough since you can easily fold it when not in use. It has a capacity of 1000 ML which ensures that you are able to easily fill it up. It is made from food-grade silicone which ensures that not only it is durable but also completely safe as well.


  • Collapsible
  • 1000 ML capacity
  • Silicone-based durable structure
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  1. Archer Compressible Self Inflating Camping Pillow

B01BEPQKOESelf-inflating pillow would always ensure that you are able to get adequate rest on your trip outdoors. The one which we are speaking about now is actually a self-inflating one which ensures that you do not have to worry about inflating it as well. Also, it is highly durable and consists of high-density foam which ensures that it would last for a longer period of time without any problems.


  • Self-inflatable
  • Maximum comfort
  • Highly durable
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  1. SOS Gear Pocket Chain Saws

B00K8J1JL2Survival tools or a weapon which can be used in multiple ways always comes in handy when it comes to outdoor trips. The one which we are speaking about now is a portable chainsaw. You can easily fold it and keep it in your pocket. It comes with a firestarter as well. This would help you in cutting logs of wood in order to generate fuel.


  • Strong grip
  • Nylon straps
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Magnesium firestarter included
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  1. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack

B071CDG1MDIn order to carry all your outdoor gear, it is important to have a proper backpack. The one which we are speaking about comes 9 different colors. Also, it has a capacity of 35 L which ensures that you are able to fit in your gear quite easily. Also, it is pretty lightweight which ensures that you are able to carry it around quite easily.


  • Lightweight
  • 35 L capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable shoulder straps
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  1. Wilderness Inflatable Camping Pillow

B072M4M4VTThe next gear on our list is actually pretty versatile. It cannot only be used as an inflatable pillow but also can be used as hanger as well. It comes with the carrying case which ensures that it is pretty compact when not in use. This makes it easier for you to carry it along with you on your trips. Moreover, it weighs just 95 g which ensures that you are able to carry it around quite easily.


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
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Thus, if you’re looking for gifts which you can choose for your hiker friends, these are the 7 options which you should definitely look into. In addition to that, you have to always keep in mind that you can easily create the entire bug out bag as well if you’re having a good enough budget. This would surely help you in creating a useful gift for your friends who often take outdoor trips.



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