Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Bug Out Bag List?


While building a bug out bag, you have to 1st to prepare a bug out bag list. Once you're able to prepare that list, your bag would be complete and you would be able to have each and every necessary item. That is why you have to always 1st review the bug out bag list. Many of the people are not familiar with that list. Owing to this very reason, it becomes difficult for them to opt for the bug out bag list. Today we would share with you a few things about the bug out bag list.

1. How many redundancies do you have?

When it comes to the bug out bag list, it is important to have a redundant system or redundant equipment for each equipment which you're carrying. This would ensure that in times of emergency, you are able to have a backup. That is why you have to find out what are the redundant systems which are available in your bug out bag.

2. How many people can your bug out bag support?

Instead of just using the equipment or the gear, you have to find out how many people you would like to support. If you're buying the ready-made bug out bag in which case, you would not be able to make the bug out bag list by yourself, you have to ask as to how many people can your bag support. Only when you're able to get the answer to this question, you would realize whether the bug out bag is sufficient for the purpose for which you want to buy it or not.

3. What is the time period for which the bug out bag can last?

Each and every equipment, as well as food and water items, has a certain lifespan. Even though the survival items have a pretty long lifespan but they cannot last forever. That is why you have to find out about the expiry date of the same. This would help you in finding out for how many periods of time, your survival bag would be effective. Once you're able to get this detail, you would realize whether the probability of using the survival bag within that particular time period is high or not. There are plenty of bags which can easily last for a period of 5 to 7 years.

So, before preparing your bug out bag list, these are the 3 questions which you need to ask yourself in order to opt for better preparation.


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