Bug out bags, also known as bags of bugs, are one of the most practical solutions to have them as emergency equipment in our home, for when we go out on a trip and even when we are planning to go on a trip, because it allows us to take we even what we could not imagine we could carry.

If you do not know or do not know what these bags are, then keep reading this article, as I will talk to you more about it, so that, when the article concludes, you know perfectly everything you have what to do with these types of bags that can really save lives.

- What does the bug out bag mean?

B01KJMK4W2It is time to start talking fully about the subject of this article. So, the first thing you should know is what these bags of errors mean or what they are.

An error bag, which is also known as a bug out, is a bag that must be filled with all kinds of items necessary for survival. It is not exactly an emergency bag, where we usually find medical items to solve an emergency quickly, but it is a bag that must have food, liquids and all the elements so that, in the event of a natural disaster, can survive at least a minimum of 72 hours.

That is why I mentioned that these bags have also been used for trips and excursions, even in camps, since they last more than a day and people must carry everything they need to survive for the estimated duration of a long excursion.

The size of the bags may change, but all are prepared to keep everything in them fresh, so they do not get damaged if we have them as a kit in our house waiting for something bad to happen.

- What do you need in a bug out bag?

B06X97DRZDAssuming we have a bag of bugs in our home to have a survival kit in case of a disaster, as well as if we have it for hiking, then we must keep in mind that we need to keep in them all kinds of elements that help us survive for at least 72 hours.

Therefore, it is recommended to have what is stored in an emergency kit and a little more. That is, we need to have medical items such as alcohol, pills, mask and so on, but we must also have flashlights, plenty of water or energy fluids and, above all, food.

We must store canned food or bags that can stay fresh without being refrigerated, so that, in the event of a disaster, we will not resort to our bag of error and the food is already damaged.

Therefore, for the most part, the bags of errors have a large size and with different compartments, where we can store everything necessary for those kinds of circumstances that we can never foresee with time.

- What do you need in an emergency bag?

B000FJQQVIFollowing the same line, it is time to establish the difference. As I had already mentioned, an error bag is not the same as an emergency bag. Since, in an emergency bag we must have medical items that help us resolve situations instantly, while a bag of error needs to carry everything that will help us survive for a long period of time.

Anyway, it is always a good idea to have both types of bags in our home, at work and especially in schools, because we must be prepared as people for all kinds of situations that we have to face at a certain time. So, emergency bags should be filled with pain pills, pills for stress, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton, gauze in case you have to cover a wound, bandages and all those kinds of items that can solve a medical emergency properly said.

- What's in a one-inch bag?

B00V796EXUMaybe they are a little confused with this subtitle, but calm, I will explain. "One inch" bags are not exactly that size. The translation makes references to the "INCH Bag", which is its original name. The original meaning is lost since "inch" is translated as "inch", but in this case we are talking about acronyms that really mean "I'm Never Coming Home".

In this way, these bags go far beyond a simple bag of error or emergencies, since they are much larger and we must carry everything necessary for long trips, something like a recreational break from home, like the backpackers usually do it. So, these bags are the opposite of being the size of an inch, but it is precisely that game with the term that makes it so curious.

In this type of bags, we must carry not only food, but even different types of tools depending on where we are going to flee for a while. If we go to a forest or something similar, it is normal that we carry a tent with us, some tools such as small axes and even survival tools. If we go to a desert, then what we need most is water and so on. These bags will be filled depending on where we go.

- What is a shopping bag at home?

B006Q5NWPIFinally, we must know another type of bag known as a shopping bag at home or in its original name "Get home bag". This type of bag, is a bit similar to those we have been seeing throughout the article, but its functionality is designed for other things.

This type of bag is a bag that we can take with us everywhere and that has as a destination to help us to have things from our home in case something happens to our house while we are not. That is, if we arrived at our house and some disaster occurred and our home was destroyed, we have our bag, where we should have kept all those kinds of items and valuable items that we needed to protect as prevention.


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