How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget


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Do you wish to have an outdoor kitchen but unsure if you can afford it? Having inbuilt stations for cooling, grilling and cleaning can be expensive no doubt, but many ideas work well within your budget. All you need is a bit of planning and ideas to make it pocket-friendly.

Plan it right

Firstly, figure out the location where you wish to set up your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that the outdoor kitchen is closer to your indoor kitchen as the process of transferring items becomes easier. Jot down the list of requirements for your outdoor kitchen. Focus on how you would like your kitchen to operate as this helps you to choose the fittings and furnishings quickly.

When you cook in an outdoor kitchen, you need a charcoal grill or a gas besides a place to keep foods that come off the flames. If you wish to make your outdoor kitchen a bit more efficient don’t forget to include the camping knives. They come handy to perform various functions in the outdoor kitchen. Camping knives are strong and versatile as it performs varied tasks during food prep, cutting rope and more.

Add the basics

While planning your outdoor kitchen, add counter-tops to prepare and serve, storage to keep the grilling requirements handy, and recycling bins for cleaning up. Know what you prefer to cook in your outdoor kitchen and then buy a grill with the right number of burners, storage cabinet and counter surfaces. To make your outdoor kitchen a bit extravagant, consider a bar, a roof to protect yourself and guests from the heat or rain. Use your existing bar cabinet and consider buying one from resale shops. As far as the roof is concerned, install a canopy as it’s least expensive and provides shade in all seasons.

To make an outdoor kitchen on a budget, salvage yards and reuse centres are the best options. You can get kitchen countertops, appliances, cabinets, building materials and other items at an economical price. Consider reclaimed flagstones to cover the grill and other items in your outdoor kitchen. With the help of shipping pallet and stone countertop, build a prep station.

Set up the area with lightings and furnishings

Cal Flame e6016-Z Metador e6016 Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Island, Earth ToneSet up a dining table and a living area in your outdoor kitchen by including some lounge chairs close to the cooking station. This helps the chefs to interact with others during a party. Outdoor lighting should be added to brighten up the grilling and seating areas. Instead of buying new furnishings, consider the existing ones to complete the outdoor living requirements. A rolling serving cart or a portable island with kitchen towels, camping knives, grilling items, seasonings, and cooking spray is a great option. Simply use the cart from your indoor kitchen whenever you wish to do up your outdoor kitchen.

Choose storage options

Outdoor garden furnishings like resin cabinets, pot benches, deck boxes provide best storage options at an affordable price for your outdoor kitchen. There are heavy-duty garden sinks that are inexpensive. Camping retailers besides selling camping knives, provide a wide range of utility pieces for serving, washing and cooling areas.

Do your research

To build an outdoor kitchen on a budget needs good planning and thorough research on the types of equipment. Once you have a fair idea in your mind and know the list of items required, browse the internet, visit some home stores, and resale stores to buy the furnishings and equipment at an economical price. It not only saves a whole lot of your money but also helps your outdoor kitchen to operate smoothly. Thus, these are some of the ideas to consider before planning an outdoor kitchen.


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