How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen


Kitchens are the source of joy to most families. They form an important power house for most individuals. A good meal is not complete without presence of a nice kitchen. It`s at the kitchen where all skills in cooking for any family are expressed. Some of the most delicious meals of various kinds are produced at a certain kitchen by someone. In most cases, these kitchens are usually inbuilt within the house.Member's Mark SS304 Stack Stone BBQ Grill Island w/Trash Bin - Natural Gas

 On the other hand, having an outdoor kitchen is a trend that has captured the minds of many. It can bring joy and great significance to your home. Everyone nowadays wants to have an open air setup to act as a kitchen. This setup is especially a good approach of cooking family meals during warm seasons like summer.  Such outdoor kitchens are usually convenient as they save a person the time required to open and traverse through numerous doors. With outdoor kitchens mobility is likewise boosted as one can cook and take rests with little or no limitations. Keter Unity XL Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage Table/Prep Station/Serving Cart with Metal Top, Graphite

 Well, before such an outdoor kitchen is setup, so many efforts are put in place to ensure that the outdoor kitchen is a success. This article will therefore point out on some of the ways on how you can build yourself a well-designed outdoor kitchen.

A custom designed outdoor kitchen might cost you some few dollars but for a simple and classic outdoor kitchen, so many costs might be reduced. Ample planning is similarly a must when setting up an outdoor kitchen.  A period of about three weeks is good enough to model your design on paper or laptop, gather your requirements as well as consult experts.Cal Flame 6' Outdoor Kitchen Island 2 Piece e6026 4-Burner Built in Grill, 27

You can similarly get yourself online for more information about some of the designs that have ever been implemented concerning outdoor kitchens. While deciding on how to roll out the outdoor kitchen, one should thus consider some factors during the planning stage.

A plan is equally important as with a good plan one does not get stuck half way. This is because all possible problems are usually analyzed prior to the time of construction. Some of the factors to consider during planning include the type of materials to use, finances and the location of your kitchen.Member's Mark SS304 Stack Stone BBQ Grill Island w/Trash Bin - Natural Gas

Since the kitchen is to be placed outside, weather resistant materials like resilient bricks and treated wood should be used for a long life of your kitchen. Budgeting is correspondingly important as the setup of the outdoor kitchen should be within the financial abilities of the owner.

To build an outdoor kitchen the following steps might be of great help.

Steps on How to build an outdoor kitchen

  1. Identify an ideal place to setup the outdoor kitchen

 To begin with the location of your outdoor kitchen matters a lot. It determines the convenience of the kitchen even after it is complete. An open place which is within your homes vicinity can be chosen to act as site for setup of the outdoor kitchen.Mophorn Double Wall BBQ Access Door Cutout 31 Width x 24 Height Inches BBQ Island Door Brushed Stainless Steel Perfect for Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island

Flat non-crowded grounds are the best to work for those who may intend to put up an outdoor kitchen. The location for the outdoor kitchen should also be closer to your home for faster and easier access to facilities. Some structures that are closer to home might be recycled when compared to an instance when the outdoor kitchen is far away from the kitchen.

  1. Ensure total compliance with the necessary authorities

 An outdoor kitchen might sometimes need approval from government authorities from within for countries. To connect to public sewer and gas lines it might be a mandatory requirement to have authorities informed. The kitchen should also have an environmental friendly impact with the environment.

  1. Gather Experts and friends

 You will also need an uplifting by people. Some of them can be your friends or even hired specialists who are best skilled in outdoor kitchen setup. This is because some utilities like the sink can beg for some special skills that one might not fully possess say for example in plumbing.Keter Unity XL Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage Table/Prep Station/Serving Cart with Metal Top, Graphite

A good connection to Sewer lines is similarly a must necessity that needs expert`s intervention.  Experts in outdoor kitchen building will additionally add advise on the know how required as well as any budgeting. Friends are good for companion to make construction of the outdoor kitchen livelier.

  1. Construct the main box frame: The first move in bringing the kitchen to existence is bringing together a strong framework that will hold all other parts of the outdoor kitchen.  The frame should rest on a firm and secure base that should have the capacity to accommodate the weight of the entire kitchen building blocks. The Box frame which assumes the shape of a cube or cuboid is made up of four corners and four corner posts respectively.  Each corner can optionally have a firm base to rest on. 3 in 1 Island 8 Zone BBQ Outdoor Electric Grill Kitchen, Propane or Natural Gas, with Sink, Side Burner, LED Lights on Knobs, and Free Protective Canvas CoverThe corners should be well screwed for firmness to be achieved for both the top and bottom frameworks. The base can either be grounded some centimeters deeper into the ground or optionally left to sit freely on the ground. For those who decide to have the stands sit freely, the outdoor kitchen is usually more portable than ever. Corners that might protrude outwards can be chopped off or trimmed using a saw.
  2. Cover the box frame with panels except for the top and the bottom.

The box is at this point hollow with nothing but edge-like frames. Plywood panels would best work to surround the box frame. The panels should be well fitting such that there are no sharp edges. This is realizable through ensuring that the dimension of the panel matches that of the cuboid framework. Member's Mark SS304 Stack Stone BBQ Grill Island w/Trash Bin - Natural GasWhen the panels are cut such that they are well fitting, their sides’ surfaces can have glue applied onto them then made to attach onto the frames before fixing screws. The glue adds extra support for ensuring that a resilient contact between the sides of the panel and that of the cuboid frame work is achieved.  The entire framework is no surrounded with plywood panels except the top and the bottom.

  1. Create room for cabinets to fit

Cabinets would also be needed as they acts as locations for storing kitchen utilities. A jigsaw comes to play an important role in creating spaces between the huge plywood panels for cabinets to fit in. Such cabinets can even be enhanced with locks for secure storage of food stuffs and kitchen items. However for a home setup this might not be a big necessity as security is much guaranteed.

  1. Cover the panels with builder`s felt

After making cut outs for the cabinets, lay the builders felt on the panels. The felt will act like a fine cladding for the plywood panels. Add staples on the felt to securely attach the felt to the panels and the entire framework as a whole.  You should also consider the Cabinets while installing the felt. 

  1. Fix the wire lath over the felt

A wire lath looks similar to a wire mesh.  Extra care should be watched out as wire lath can sometimes cause irritations and grazes. The wire lath should rest firmly on the felt. One is then required to hammer nails at the sides of the lath to firmly embrace the wire lath onto the felt. The lath should cover all the faces of the cuboid framework that are fitted with panels. You should likewise set aside some lath for the cabinets.

  1. Construct cabinet boxes

The cabinets made are to fit well onto the spaces or cutouts made on some of the side panels. Plywood panels can be used to construct these cabinets. So build smaller cuboid frames using wood. The boxes that result should have four corners and six empty faces.  AmazonBasics Security Safe Box, 0.5 Cubic FeetThe cuboid boxes are then covered on their five faces with plywood panels and this creates a cabinet. The base in most cases contains the largest plywood panel. A firm wood and handle can then be mounted on the side that faces the front for easier pulling of the cabinet. 

  1. Smear a coat of mortar: A mortar coating should be smeared onto the lath. The mortar should then be left to cure effectively for some time.
  2. Fix the cabinets onto the framework:

The ready-made cabinets should then be carefully fit into the spaces dedicated for them. This is done by sliding them smoothly. The cabinets should sit comfortably and their bases should be well fitted such that their sliding effect is achieved effectively.

  1. Cover the base with bricks: 

At this step, stones are arranged all around the base such that it is surrounded with bricks. Mortar is then applied onto the stones for more firmness.  Covering the base with rocks means that the outdoor kitchen will no longer be portable.

  1. Install the sink

The sink is usually equally important for any kitchen as it forms a place where washing of kitchen utensils and items can be done. The sink also requires a connection with a tap and source of water especially at the top and a superb connection with pipes that direct its used water to sewer lines at its bottom. A skilled plumber should thus offer assistance at this level.

  1. Fix cabinet doors

 Cabinet doors can then be installed for cabinets that require them. The doors should close and open freely at ease.

  1. Fix the countertop

 Ensure that stone curving are well fit to match the desired layout for your top part of the outdoor kitchen.

  1. Setup your kitchen items

Your outdoor kitchen should now be complete and ready for use. Necessary appliances can therefore be setup without any fear or failure.  



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