How To Get Free Camping Gear


The thrill that comes with outdoor adventures like camping, mountaineering, hiking, and all forms of outdoor adventures can be overwhelming.

You need to be well equipped with the perfect camping gear to have the best camping experience ever but camping gear is not especially when you have to buy everything you need at once.

Acquiring the essential camping gear costs up to hundreds or even thousands just to get the perfect gear to safely camp.

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The high cost of camping gear is a big discouragement for newbies and hikers and is advisable not to rush into buying the equipment because I am going to show you how to get free camping gear.

Camping is one of the best experiences you can ever have because of the memories and the opportunity to see nature at its finest and purest form.

The icing on the cake is that you can get everything you need for camping for free when you follow these steps as highlighted in this article.

Here are the tips on how to get free camping gear:

  1. Learn To Share The Same Camping Gear With Your Friends

You will be amazed at the number of items that you can share with those on the same trip as you only if you ask.

People are willing to share bags, tents, sleeping mats, canisters, stoves, water filters, and many other things only when you ask.

You can borrow camping gear from your friends especially when they are not going on the same trip with you and it is one of the easiest ways on how to get free camping gear.

  1. Find Used Camping Gear

There are no laws against used camping gear. If the camping gear is in great condition and safe for use then go for it. 

You can search through craigslist to find people that are willing to give out their used gear for nothing and this will save you lots of monies.

You can speak with people or join groups that support outdoor adventures and you shall be amazed at the help you will get from people who no longer have use for their old stuff.

  1. Borrow From Friends, Neighbors, And Family

You can borrow out rightly from family and friends and neighbors or use the community-friendly app NextDoor to ask for things.

You can search the App and you will exactly the things you need for absolutely free because there will always be someone who no longer has a need or use for certain things and they won't mind sending it across to you for free or for a little fee.

You just put the message on the App like this: “hey I need sleeping mats for my mountaineering” and you are likely to get a response on how to get the items.

  1. Get A Sponsorship Deal With A Company

You can get camping gear for free from companies that sell camping gear when you get sponsorship deals from them.

All you have to do is to agree to advertise their products and help to get more clients to the company. So, you will have platforms where you can sell the company's products either by referring people to the company or on your online platform.

Also, you should work with a company that has different plans of helping you to promote their products too so that you won’t be the only one doing all the promoting.

  1. Sell Your Old Camping Gear

One of the ways to get free camping gear is by selling off old stuff or exchanging or swapping them with others who need the gear.

You can make swap deals with people who need a particular gear that you do not need for a particular trip and you, in turn, get the right camping gear you need for your trip.

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Search Facebook groups, Apps, and other social sites where you can meet people with who you can make deals or sell off your old camping gear.

  1. Volunteer To Teach A-Class

There are backpacking and hiking companies that will allow you to get sponsored trips when you volunteer to teach free classes and help to mentor newbies.

Preparing for an outdoor adventure requires some specialized training to keep everyone safe. So, when you volunteer to help train freshers, you will get incentives that will help you to get free camping gear or at a highly discounted price.

  1. Signup With Companies For GiveAways

Many top brands do regular giveaways to the most active followers on their social media platforms and also to the best engagement they get from their email subscribers.

All you may need to do is just actively engage online by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Other brands may require you to do some write up on your best outdoor experience or just about any nice topic that will help promote their products.

This is a very easy way to get free camping gear from these top brands because they always give out the latest season gear and most prizes are decent or you may even win an international outdoor adventure.

  1. Sign Up For Pro Deals

A PRO is a great way to get free camping gear.

The top brands give out Pro deals to active participants of the outdoor adventures and this is not to say that you must be a full-time adventurer to get these pro deals.

A pro deal to someone can be a park ranger, a photographer, a wilderness guide, an environmental worker, and many other things that will help everyone on the adventure.

There are several ways to get Pro deals. Just use this link to get more information on how to get pro deals

A-Pro deal is quite different from getting a sponsor deal because, in a Pro deal, you don't have to publicize and advertise for the brand, unlike sponsorship deals where you get to run ads for the brand.

The pro-deal allows you to be part of the camping experience without having to pay for the camping gear because a lot of Pro deals offer up to 50% discounts.

Pro deals are not advertised because it is meant for professionals and for people with keen interest to make inquiries by searching through their favorite brands.


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