We must understand hiking as the activity we can do, whether for sport or recreation, as it involves going out to explore mountainous terrain. We can practice this activity in groups or alone, but it is always advisable to do it in a group, especially if it is the first time we do it, because we are not able to support the journey, much less know the way.

Adventurous people love doing this type of physical activity for everything that involves walking, hiking, climbing, discovering and so on. However, this does not mean that anyone can not carry out this practice, it is just a matter of knowing what is being done to do it well and not get hurt. For this reason, in the article of this occasion, I will answer different questions in which you will find a solution to your doubts to carry out hiking.

- What do you wear when you go hiking?

When we go hiking we should be prepared with certain accessories and lotions that will make our walk become much more comfortable. We must take care, especially, our skin, because it can be very burned thanks to the sun.

In this way, the sunscreen can also be a great friend in this type of situation, because it will prevent the skin from burning after a long walk under a hot sun. They can also serve moisturizing lotions.

The mosquito repellent is something that we must also put on before going on a field trip. We will be walking through rustas full of plants where mosquitoes and insects of all kinds live, whose bites can be tremendous. To avoid that, we must place before leaving mosquito repellent throughout the body, creating a kind of protective barrier against bites of all kinds.

These are things that we should not only put ourselves before leaving, but also we should take with us if we should place more. So, we must leave with a backpack or a bag to carry that and some other things that are indispensable and which I will talk about later.

- What do you need for a day's walk?

Long walks on difficult trails can leave us exhausted, so it is good to be prepared with certain types of food and liquids, as well as a small first aid kit in case of any emergency that may arise.

As for food, it is good to bring food, especially fruit or something sweet, in case you give us a low voltage. Something as important to carry as food, is water, because without it we could become dehydrated and we do not want that, since it is more than obvious that it will make us very thirsty, so we should go with plenty of water and take it little by little , so that it reaches us for the entire journey.

The first aid kit is fundamental, because we must prevent that we get bitten by an insect, that we touch some kind of plant and even that we fall at some point. To solve this type of situation we must take with us, at least, a small container of alcohol, cotton, gauze, pills, ointments and others.

- What food to bring in a day's walk?

Returning to the theme of food, thanks to the importance of it in the walks, it is time to abound more in the information on the type of food that we should take with us for a walk or field trip.

We must take into account the schedule of the walk to know what kind of food we should take. If, for example, the schedule exceeds the lunch hour, we should take a small lunch in our purse, so that, when we see that we need that food in the stomach, we sit down to eat to recover strength.

Also indispensable are meals such as energy bars that help us recover our strength quickly and instantaneously.

In short, we should have small meals with us full of the proteins we need for this type of physical activity. These meals should be non-refrigerated, otherwise they would be damaged during the trip due to not being inside a refrigerator.

- How do you dress to go on a field trip?

I'm sure you can not imagine yourself going climbing and walking in mountains with formal clothes. Well, it's not like that, to go on a hike we have to wear the most comfortable clothes possible, as well as the safest. That way, we need, first of all, comfortable and resistant shoes. That they are comfortable enough to walk a long day, as strong enough to withstand the rocky path through which we must pass, preventing us from fitting some stone in the shoe and that kind of thing.

We must wear flannel and cotton pants that are fresh, because we can not pretend to go hiking without sweating a drop. So, a cap can also become a great friend, along with sunglasses.

This type of clothing is ideal for any excursion, since comfort is the factor that should prevail in any physical activity. With this type of clothing, they will make sure that they do not feel uncomfortable at any time, nor will it cost them to make a sudden movement that they must do to, for example, climb a large rock.

- What is trekking and hiking?

We have been talking about hiking, hiking and that kind of physical activity, but it is time to establish the difference between trekking and hiking.

Let's talk about hiking first, since we have been mentioning it continuously. As I had already told you, it is the practice of walking and hiking in mountainous and rural areas, but what really makes the difference is that those routes that are followed in the trek are pre-established routes in which, sometimes, we find ourselves with paths used by our ancestors.

On the other hand, trekking basically consists of the same thing, but with a fundamental difference: the roads or routes that are followed are created by the same person who makes the excursion, introducing itself by roads that have not been walked before, valga the redundancy.

In this way, we can say that one practice is much more adventurous than another, and that not all people who practice hiking, would practice trekking.

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