35 Most Influential Survival Knife Bloggers To Follow


In survival gear as well as other gears, knives play a very important role to protect you as well as the help you as a handy tool whenever you're out there in the wilderness. However, only when you're having the right knife, you would be able to use it effectively. On the Internet, you would find plenty of blogs dedicated to reviewing knives as well as blades which would provide you with the perfect idea about the knife which you should buy. We have today compiled a list of 35 different blogs which you can follow to find out about the latest knives as well as the best blades on offer.

  1. Knife-depot.com:

Knife-depot.com has been reviewing knives for over 7 years. Almost each and every type of knife which is on offer today has been reviewed by knife-depot.com. It is the go to place for knife information. The products which they have on offer are more than 10,000.  They have a team of 11 knife experts who can be contacted at any time for answering queries. They are also pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. On their website, you would find profiles of the team as well as other contributors who are knife lovers as well knife experts. The blog also tracks knife legislation news pretty closely. This ensures that it becomes your one stop solution for all things related to knives.

  1. KnifeNews.com:

The main reason why KnifeNews.com has become so popular is that is that they closely monitor the knife industry and focus on producing original content, often interviewing the biggest names in the knife world. Check in with KnifeNews.com if you want to stay on top of new knife releases and major news affecting the biggest brands.  It’s mandatory reading for any knife fanatic or anyone that wants to keep a finger on the pulse of the knife world.


  1. Knivesshipfree.com:

Knivesshipfree.com not only offers you the latest knife information but also it has various knives on offer for sale. This ensures that you are able to review the knives as well as buy the one which suits your requirements.


  1. Serenityknives.com:

Serenityknives.com is owned by Russell Montgomery who resides in the Heights area in Houston, Tx. He created this blog in 2010 and since then, it has been going pretty strong. He has an extensive amount of experience in bladesmithing as well as knivessmithing over the years and has worked with many experts in this field in the last few years. Owing to this very reason, his knowledge of blacksmithing is simply unparalleled. He regularly also conducts the workshop all over the country to spread awareness about knivessmithing as well as bladesmithing. His philosophy is to ensure that people are able to pick the best knives for themselves and are able to use them in the correct way which helps them in having fun while using the knives.

  1. Bladereviews.com:

Bladereviews.com reviews most of the newer knives which are coming out in the market. That is why, if you have to look at the latest knives, this is the website to look into.

  1. Knifeinformer.com:

Knifeinformer.com is run by Matt Davidson residing in California. This blog is managed by name bubble LLC and is run by a team of outdoor enthusiasts. They take great pride in reviewing the right knives for the readers.

  1. Wildernesstoday.com:

Wildernesstoday.com consistently reviews outdoor gear as well as survival knives. Most of the reviews are from their personal experience and that is why you are able to get 1st hand knife reviews.

  1. Spyderco.com:

Spyderco.com has created a whole community based on spy gear and survival knives. It has a forum where you can discuss various survival knives and it has a blog coupled with an e-commerce store.

  1. Bestpocketknifetoday.com:

Bestpocketknifetoday.com is owned by Knifeinformer.com and the content is also being syndicated which ensures that you are able to get additional content as well. They also provide knives according to the budget as well, thus making it easier for you to read the reviews of the knife and pick the best.

  1. Thetruthaboutknives.com:

Thetruthaboutknives.com was started in March 2013 by Robert Farago. He details all the aspects of the knives including the dangers of using the survival knives as well as the benefits of it. If you need a well-rounded review of the knives which you want to purchase, this is the blog to follow.

  1. Reliableknife.com:

Reliableknife.com takes an approach which helps you in understanding knives whether you're a professional or whether you're a complete newbie.

  1. Knifeup.com:

Knifeup.com revolves around the different knife options and goes into much more detail than just the reviews. It also provides you tips for carrying the knives as well as using them.

  1. Carlsonknives.com:

Carlsonknives.com is created by Jacob Carlson who is a collector of knives and has provided complete knife guides on his blog. Whether you want to know about the survival knives or whether you want to read the reviews about it, all of these things are present on his blog.

  1. Knifeworks.com:

Knifeworks.com is a blog cum store for purchasing the latest knives. It also provides the details about the latest knives which are being launched in the market. Thus, you would be able to get up to date knowledge about knives from this website.

  1. Knifecenter.com:

Whether you're looking for survival knives or butterfly knives or knives for shaving, Knifecenter.com not only provides you the information about all of these but it also has these on offer.

  1. Bladeforums.com:

Bladeforums.com has been around since 1998 and has plenty of active members discussing knives. You would be able to find the opinion of professionals as well as newbies including blogs by other members as well.

  1. Bladehq.com:

Bladehq.com is primarily an e-commerce store selling knives. However, it provides detailed specifications as well as buyers guide about knives as well. All the information which you need about knives is present on their website ranging from the specifications of the blade to the newly launched knives.

  1. Bladeops.com:

Bladeops.com is a website selling premium knives. They have the different type of knives on offer ranging from butterfly knives to spring knives to automatic knives. Also, they provide you with detailed specifications as well as reviews of each and every knife.

  1. Benchmade.com:

Benchmade.com is the website of the actual factory manufacturing knives. They are not only offering knives on sale but they also provide each and every information which you need about knives. On their website, they also provide you with the virtual factory tour.

  1. Bladeplay.com:

Bladeplay.com is a store providing you with all the knives as well as survival knives among other tools as well. If you're looking for survival gear or self-defence gear, this is the best route to look into. Owing to the large amount of information which it provides about each and every knife, you can almost consider it as a blog reviewing knives.

  1. Gpknives.com:

Gpknives.com is actually a brick and mortar store which is located in St Louis. It has been going pretty strong since the 1990s. It has on offer over 100 different type of knives across different brands. In addition to that, it also reviews the different knives in order to help the customer choose the best one.

  1. Directknifesales.com:

Directknifesales.com aims to provide the customers with the different type of knives under one website. They also review the knives in order to provide you with the best option for buying one. If you're looking for any information about knives ranging from specifications to the actual usage, it is present on their website.

  1. Autoknife.com:

Autoknife.com offers you over 20 different types of knives and also it offers you over 30 different brands. Moreover, it provides you with the details and the specifications of each and every knife which they have on offer.

  1. Toorknives.com:

Toorknives.com not only reviews the latest knife as well as the other survival gear but it also offers you customized knife options.

  1. Knives4wholesale.com:

Knives4wholesale.com provides you with knives for buying in bulk so that you get a significant discount. It has on offered other survival gear as well. In addition to that, it continuously blogs on the newer knives which are being launched.

  1. Tonymillerknives.com:

Tonymillerknives.com is a manufacturer of handcrafted knives. Whether you're looking for knives for personal use or for survival gear, they have it all. Each and every knife that is launched by them is reviewed on their website detailing the specifications as well as the usage.

  1. Uniqueblade.com:

Uniqueblade.com offers you over 10 different type of knives as well as other survival gear. It has been selling knives as well as survival gear for over 14 years. The main unique point of this website is that it offers you wholesale pricing. In addition to that, it always provides you with detailed information about the knives on offer and also reviews the different aspects of knives which are currently available in the market.

  1. Myswitchblade.com:

Myswitchblade.com is an e-commerce store which also reviews the knives which are for sale. They also provide you with the detailed information about the knives on offer.

  1. JapaneseKnifeImports.com:

JapaneseKnifeImports.com is one such website which not only offers you knives for sale but it also continuously tracks the industry news which ensures that each and every new knife which is launched, is covered by the website. In addition to that, it reviews a wide variety of knives as well.

  1. Pickabow.com:

Pickabow.com is a blog which not only provides you with the knife reviews but also other weapons which you can use as well. It particularly details the hunting gear as well as survival gear.

  1. Knifeden.com:

Knifeden.com focuses solely on knives and always reviews the latest launched knives in a pretty short period of time. This is your perfect option if you're looking for a complete guide to buy the knives.

  1. Kniferights.org:

Kniferights.org not only reviews the knives but also it details the rules and regulations in each and every state revolving around the usage of knives. It tracks the industry news as well.

  1. Buckknives.com:

Buckknives.com manufactures their own brand of knives. Whether you're looking for survival ones or whether you're looking for hunting knives, they have all on offer. They also have other survival gear on offer as well. They consistently blog about their products as well as other knives which are on offer.

  1. Sogknives.com:

Sogknives.com provides you with a detailed knife buying guide as well as how to take care of your knives. In addition to that, it also has different options of knives which you can buy from their website.

  1. Knivesplus.com:

Knivesplus.com is a store which provides you with multiple knife options for sale. It provides you with the budget knife options as well as the expensive knife options as well. In addition to that, it consistently shares the industry news as well as the news about the new knives which are being launched.

So, if you're looking to buy a knife or if you're just looking to check out the reviews of some of the knives, these are the resources which you can look into.


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