How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping


Mosquitoes know how to just ruin even the best-planned outdoor camping and that is why you should know how to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

Outdoor camping brings you closer to nature which helps to detoxify and to refresh the mind from all the busyness and craziness of the city but mosquitoes and other bugs can quickly make things unbearable and that’s why it is important to know how to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

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One of the best parts of any outdoor camping is being able to enjoy nature at its fullest at night, you may just want to gaze into the star-lit sky, or just lie outdoor to receive the fresh breeze, or enjoying the company of friends, family, and fellow campers during burnfire nights.

Mosquitoes can cause a scare and ruin your day and that’s the reason for this listicle to show you all the tricks on how you can keep mosquitoes away while camping.

  1. Avoid Setting Up Your Camp Too Close To The Natural Habitats Of Mosquitoes

When setting up your camp, it is important to observe your surroundings and stay away as much as possible from the areas that are likely to breed mosquitoes.

Staying away from the natural habitat of mosquitoes is one of the most effective control measures to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

Mosquitoes thrive and breed in stagnant waters because they need water to complete their cycle. So, avoid setting your camp in areas that are close to ponds, swamps, or lakes.

Mosquitoes also thrive in areas where you have tall grasses that are close to their habitats, areas that have the ability to holdup rainwater (cans, bottles, buckets, rubbish, etc.)

You will find lots of mosquitoes in areas with a storm drain and in agricultural irrigation canals.

Mosquitoes generally start to fly more after sunset and immediately when they smell blood.

  1. Your Camp Tent Should Be A Screened Enclosure

The screened enclosure is a must-have for camping during summer because you will need to ventilate your tent if you to avoid getting the full swarm of mosquitoes.

You can either get the one that zips on to the tent or the free-standing unit.

It is important to have it for better protection during camping and you can even make one yourself if you don’t have enough money to afford it.

All you have to do is get the DIY version and all you need is to buy some not expensive insect mesh from amazon or anywhere of your chosen per 4 x 3 per feet sheet.

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  1. The Burning Natural Mosquitoes Repellent Around The Campsite

There are some natural and essential oils you can burn after sunset that repels mosquitoes. These oils contain some substances that are effective mosquito repellent when they are burnt.

Here are some of the most effective oil-repellent of mosquitoes: Citronella, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, and thyme.

When these mosquito repellents are burnt (Campfire or Candle), they release their substances in the environment that repels mosquitoes.

These repellents are cheap and can be homemade if you follow the DIY process.

Citronella is very effective because it covers several scents that attract mosquitoes like carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and floral scents.

  1. Avoid Scents That Attracts Mosquitoes

Genetically, some people are more attracted to mosquitoes than others. But thankfully, there are some effective things to do that will keep you safe.

Aloe vera cream offers protection from mosquitoes and is also used to prevent insect bites.

Floral or fragrant soaps, deodorants, cologne and perfumes, the excessive drinking of alcohol or exercising during the peak mosquitoes’ time (after sunset, dawn, and dusk) all acts as mosquito magnets.

Excessive drinking of alcohol your metabolic rate and temperature which attracts mosquitoes to you and also sweat and lactic acid are released during exercising which is loved by mosquitoes.

Learn to use unscented products because they will help to keep you from being easily detected by mosquitoes.

  1. Additives To Campfire

Campfire releases CO2 (Carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere which attracts mosquitoes. But when the fire is huge and you are sitting close to the fire, then mosquitoes won't be able to differentiate between the CO2 from the fire and that of your body.

So, this keeps the mosquitoes away but it is not very effective and that is why it is important to add other mosquito repellent additives to the fire to ensure its effectiveness.

Campfire alone won't give you all the protection alone but some additives are mosquito repellents that you should add to your burnfire.

The addition of Sage, Cedar oil, cow poop, and other mosquito repellent additives makes the burning of campfire effective in keeping mosquitoes away while camping.

  1. The Use Of Natural Plants (Herbs)

There are natural herbs that can do the job of keeping mosquitoes away and Rosemary and water is an excellent natural repellent of mosquitoes.

Basil, Lavender, lemon balm, and catnip are effective plants that will keep mosquitoes from your campsite.

  1. Use The Right Bug Spray

The right bug spray will keep the mosquitoes away because people react differently to the several types of mosquito repellents.

The most popular and commonly used is the DEET or the Picaridin for more sensitive skin. These mosquito repellents can be applied in different ways like lotion, spray, wipes, etc.

The spray is more convenient to use but it wears out easily so it requires frequent application.

Wipes give targeted application but it is should be disposed of properly.

Lotion application lasts the longest but it can be inconvenient to apply when you are sweaty.

  1. Wearing Of Mosquito and Bug Repellent Bracelets

These repellent bracelets are effective and it is the best option for people who do not like to spray or rob the mosquito repellent on themselves.

The bracelet repellent works by releasing the chemical substance in the atmosphere and the vapor repels mosquitoes and other common insects and bugs.

The repellent wristband or bracelet must not be worn on your wrist for it to work but can be placed on anything around you like on top of your backpack or any substance around you.

  1. Wearing Clothes That Fully Covers The Body

Wear protective clothing that fully covers your body (long sleeves, and trousers) protects your body from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted by dark colors and are repelled by light colors. These natural tactics will help to keep mosquitoes away from you.

Or you should go for wearable mosquito nets which are designed to be comfortable and are effective in keeping the mosquitoes away.

If your camp is placed in areas where the mosquito bites transmit malaria, then you have to wear the wearable mosquito net to keep you protected.

  1. Be Careful On How You Use Flashlights, And Lanterns

Bright lights attract mosquitoes and bugs and insects generally. So be careful about how you use these bright lights while camping.

The best practice is to turn off these bright lights sources immediately you enter your tent.

  1. Make Traps For Mosquitoes (Homemade)

This homemade mosquito trap is effective because it just doesn't trap mosquitoes but kills them too and it is very easy to make.

The ingredients needed are easy to get and within a short time, you have made yourself an effective mosquito trap.

Get an empty 2-liter soda bottle, some brown sugar, duct tape, a knife, and water.

To get the complete DIY information, go on YouTube.

  1. Mosquitoes Hate The Scent From Garlic And Mints

Mosquitoes are repelled by the scents from garlic and mints. So eat some more at some intervals to get you safer from mosquitoes.

Either garlic or mints work. So you can choose from any to take along with you on your camping.

  1. Make Vanilla Your Friend

Vanilla extracts repel mosquitoes effectively because it masks your scents which makes you invisible to mosquitoes.

All you need is to get two full teaspoons of pure vanilla extract into a cup of water then spritz yourself with it.

To make this solution even more effective, add some mosquito repellent oil like lemon eucalyptus and lavender oil.

  1. Rub The Peels Of Citrus Fruits On Your Skin

Mosquitoes can’t stand the scents from organic chemicals from the peel of citrus fruit. So, make sure on your next camping trip you have oranges with you.

You will snack on the oranges and mosquitoes can’t snack on you.

  1. Eat Foods That Repels Mosquitoes

Surprisingly, there are foods/fruits you take that attract mosquitoes. Identify those food classes and avoid them or dispose of them while camping if you want to keep the mosquitoes away.

Food rich in potassium has a smell with attracts mosquitoes (bananas, avocados, sweet potato, pomegranate, etc.)

Consume garlic, onion, apple cider, and vinegar. These foods repel mosquitoes and garlic is the most effective of all.

Garlic releases a compound called Allicin which gets to the skin through the pores and masks your natural scents.

If you are to cook using the propane grill, then do it far from your sleeping and sitting area because the grill produces propane which releases CO2 which attracts mosquitoes.

  1. Pre-treatment Of Camping Gear For The Repellent Of Mosquitoes

Pretreatment of camping gear is a safety precaution that ensures your safety in the wild. It serves as the last line of defense between you and the mosquitoes.

Several substances can be used for the pretreatment of camping gear and the Permethrin is an effective mosquito repellent that can be applied to the camping gear between 24 to 48hours before the camping adventure.

Having read through this piece, you should have gathered enough information on how to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

Like the popular saying goes; prevention is better than cure, this article has highlighted a lot of preventive measures to take that ensures you are completely protected from mosquitoes during your fun time while camping.


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