How To Make A Generator Quiet For Camping


One of the remarkable ways to relax and make life long memories is through outdoor adventures like camping in the wild just to get the raw feel of nature at its fullness.

There are several factors and camping gear to be considered before going for that outdoor trip, and the generator is needed for comfort and to keep in touch with reality.

The generator is important for several reasons during camping, but the noise it makes is its major setback, and that is why you should know how to make a generator quiet for camping.

The generator is needed for proper lighting, charging of electronic gadgets, powering your tenth, and so many other factors when you are camping for a long time.

The noise it produces is a distraction to you and a disturbance to others who may be camping near you, and you do not want that kind of noise at night, and that's the reason for this piece to let you know that you can do something to make the generator quiet for camping.

There are factors that are responsible for the noise made by generators, and you should have this fundamental knowledge before learning how to make a generator quiet for camping.

The location of the generator, the generator's self-soundproofing technology, and the energy levels of the generator.

The location of the generator depends on how close is the generator to the tenth. If it is too close then the noise will be louder.

Some generators are designed to make less noise by their features like using rubber material or soundproof casing to reduce its noise, unlike others.

The energy level of the generator plays a vital part as regards the noise the generator makes because a generator with higher wattage will make louder noise.

The technology too has a major role because some generators with higher wattage make lesser noise because of the technology that was used.

Here are a few tried and confirmed tricks and ways to make a generator quiet for camping:

  1. Keep Your Generator In A Shelter Box Designed

Enclosing the generator in a shelter or box helps to block out and quietens the noise of the generator to a large degree.

It is effective because these shelters or box are designed with materials that will confine all the noise of the generator within the shelter.

If you are a crafty person then you can easily go to a DIY store to get the materials and make yourself one or you can simply purchase one.

  1. Change The Position Of The Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust is mostly responsible for the loud noise of the generator. A little alteration of its position makes a significant difference in the noise it produces.

If the exhaust pipe is repositioned to be vertical (upward) then the sound waves will be directed upward thereby reducing the noise of the generator significantly.

This method is efficient, and it is one of the easiest ways to make a generator quiet for camping.

  1. The Water Trick

If you can manage the sound from the exhaust of any generator then you have dealt with its noise. The water trick is effective in reducing the noise of the generator greatly and you may be wondering how? This is how it works; you connect a hosepipe from the exhaust and dip the other end into a bucket with shallow water.

It will immediately dampen most of the noise in the exhaust pipe which consequently reduces the overall sound or noise produced by the generator.

  1. Keep The Generator At A Distance From The Tenth

The noise from generators can be a fun killer and quite frustrating because it makes communication difficult and you have to increase the volume of everything to the loudest.

You do not want those dramas while you are camping and catching fun. The easiest way to make a generator quieter for camping is to keep the generator at a safe distance away from the tenth where the noise would be minimal.

There is the decibel rating of a generator and it is measured at about 7 meters from the operating point of the generator which is done by most brands.

The safe rule of keeping your generator quiet for camping is to keep the generator at least 20feet from your camping tent.

  1. Change The Muffler Of Your Generator With A Suitable And Larger One

The job of the Muffler is to quieten the generator by reducing the noise from the exhaust pipes which are attached to the motors of the generator.

The muffler is designed in such a way that it deflects the sound waves in the engine which in turn lowers the noise from the exhaust.

It is easier to find a muffler for your or truck than for generators because of the different sizes of exhaust pipes in generators.

Ensure you find a size that fits and is suitable for your generator.

  1. Place Your Generator On Soft Surfaces

Placing your generator on a soft surface reduces the vibration of the generator thereby reducing the overall noise which is one of the easiest ways on how to make the generator quiet for camping.

Soft surfaces help to dampen the noise from the generator. You should run the generator on grasses, or dirt, or any soft platform like the anti-vibration mat while camping.

  1. Sound Deflectors Is A Great Way To Make A Generator Quiet For Camping

Sound deflectors are plywood in this case that can further reduce the noise of the generator when properly done.

What you need are four pieces of plywood and a non-inflammable material. Drywall is great for this, and it is also fire-resistant.


The plywood should be 4feet wide and 3feet tall. Just place the four pieces of plywood at an angle around the generator which gives enough room for airflow around the generator but ensure you place the drywall where you have the exhaust pipes to avoid your deflector from getting burnt or catching fire.

It's an easy thing to do because there is a DIY procedure to get it done. Watch YouTube videos on how to go about it.

  1. Padding Of The Generator Stand

Apart from the noise from the engine and exhaust of generators, vibration is another source of the noise we hear.

If the generator stand is properly padded, it will reduce the noise from vibration thereby helping to make the generator quiet for camping.

  1. Reduce The Energy Level Of The Generator

Generators are designed to run at an energy level to carry the loads you have. During camping, there aren't so many loads to be powered by the generator.

When the energy level is reduced, the noise too reduces.

  1. Get A Generator With Less Noise

Buy a quiet generator. Quiet generators will save you the stress on the several methods that makes a generator quiet for camping.

It is just costlier than the conventional noisy generators around but ensures you walk with your budget.

In many campsites, some rules and regulations prohibit noise, and you do not want distracting noise yourself. So, it is good to learn the things you can do to reduce the noise.

The combustion taking place in the engine, and the exhaust, and the vibration that is responsible for the noise that the generator makes.

The hard and fast trick of making a generator quiet is to make enclosures that can dampen the sound or the modifying of the exhaust.

If you can handle the noise primarily from these two places then you have known how to make a generator quiet for camping.


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