What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?


Looking for something different from field hunting, where sometimes there is a risk of being spotted by the targeted animal? The elevated stand has been the safest means for a hunter. Although it can be tasking when trying to set up a stand but it's worth it and saver for use because it helps the Hunter keep a close eye and monitor the movement of the target from a safe distance and not being spotted by the animal.

What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand

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Some might wonder what's an elevated stand?, The elevated stand is a platform for hunters to either sit or stand so as to improve their shooting and accuracy while aiming for targets. Elevated stands can be tree stands placed against or on trees or freestanding structures. These stands place the hunter above ground level. There are different types of stands according to one's taste and choice.

Types of Elevated stands

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  1. Hand-on stand: This stand is helpful when keeping up with a deer's changing Patterns. They must be hauled into place and secured to a tree with belts or chains. They are affordable options and easy to set up and move. They require climbing aids, such as segmented ladders or climbing sticks, and when installing climbing aids make sure you determine the climbing route first.
  2. Climbing  Stands: A Hunter walks the stand up a tree by moving the top section with the hands and bottom with the feet because this stand is a two-piece tree stand. The top is the seat and the bottom piece is the platform.  Ladders or steps are not needed because the stand is used to climb the tree. These stands are to be used on straight tree trunks. Never use this stand on trees covered with ice or snow. Avoid trees with branches because the branches interfere with the climber as it slides up the tree.
  3. Ladder Stands: The built-in ladder lets one use these stands with a wider range of trees. Due to their size and weight, hunters set up the ladder stands days or a day before hunting time. Three or more persons are needed to properly erect the ladder or for taking it down safely. And before setting it up, make sure the ground is leveled and free of debris and rocks. Using all parts, mount the stands as instructed in the manual.
  4. Tripod Box stand: Very similar to tree stands but don't require a tree to stand. They have placed anywhere that has a leveled base. The stands are designed with plywood walls, wood floors, and metal roof. It protects hunters from bad weather or rainy days.

One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand.

When prey won't be able to detect the hunter easily or smell them, it helps the hunter spot targets on time because there is a wider field of vision, there is time to position and prepare oneself to shoot, and saves hunters from being hurt.

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Safety Tips for using Elevated Stand.

  1. Always use hunt safety equipment when climbing into an elevated stand.
  2. Choose trees that are able to bear the weight of the hunter and stand when using a tree stand.
  3. Make use of tree stands during the day so you'll properly see what you're doing.
  4. Make sure the elevated stand is strong enough to carry one's weight and properly erected to avoid accidents.
  5. Wear adequate clothes for protection from cold weather or windy periods.
  6. Carry first aid kit for minor cuts

When using Elevated stands, make sure all instructions from the manufacturers are properly followed to avoid accidents. Imagine a hunter in a field hunting being chased by its target, this stands have more advantages for hunters because of its safety and efficiency.

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