Practices to follow dedicated in life to be prepared for all types of survival situations


Watching survival TV shows can make you fantasize about the extreme survival conditions like eating insects and drinking urine, hang on! Do you know what basic skills are required to survive in the wilderness? In this blog, you will find out about the tricks and skills that will help you save your life if you meet with a terrible disaster, your car breaks down, or get lost in the woods while hiking. Read on these list of priorities that will keep you alive.

Survival Priorities

Self Protection-

To protect yourself from predators you must arm yourself with a hunting knife, shotgun, sharpened stick or machete.

For instance, if you attacked by a wolf, panic sets in. What would be your next step? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Don’t run as it will make you look prey, which can put your life in danger.
  • Don’t stare at the wolf or any other animal down as this looks like a threat.
  • Don’t turn your back on an animal.
  • Start shouting, throw stones or throw anything you can find.
  • Don’t fall or look scared, this will encourage the attack.
  • Having a hunting knife or gun to attack can give you some time to run and find a place to hide.

Physical Needs


To survive in the wilderness, you need to maintain your body temperature this means you need to keep yourself warm if you are caught in a cold area and keep cool if you are in a desert. In both the situations, the shelter is your first priority.

Ideally, you will carry a tent or tarp, but in case you get lost in the woods, and you don’t have supplies with you, it’s getting dark, and you need shelter. You can go for an A-frame shelter since it is easy to build in a hurry and can protect you from the rain, snow or sun.

Starting a Fire

Fire is an essential part of your survival, but while starting a fire, you need to keep two things in mind, the surrounding area and the wind direction so that the entire forest don’t catch fire. In case you left your matches or lighter at home, you can still start a fire using a magnifying glass, the lens of your eyeglasses, binoculars or cameras to direct the sun rays at your tinder.

Learn how to feed yourself in the woods

Ideally, you would carry energy bars or another food supplies but in case you run out of supplies to keep you alive you need to find something to drink and eat. For water, you can find it by following the sound of a flowing river or else your map reading skills can help you find the water source. Once you find a water, consider boiling it.

When it comes to food, you can’t just eat anything. Before you head out to the woods learn about the edible plants of that area because it is not always possible that you will find a rabbit or any other animal. Edible plants are the best and easy way to survive in the woods.

You must know how to perform basic first aid techniques

To know how to perform basic first aid is a useful and essential skill to have and can also save you in an emergency. Knowing how to fix common injuries like treating the wound, fractures, dislocations, and burns, probably give you some tears at first, but at least you will be able to move safely.

Let’s take a situation where you dislocate a bone. Before we discuss the entire method of how to fix this, always keep in mind, no matter how difficult the situation stays calm as no knowledge, equipment will be able to save you if you are panicking. It is normal to feel confusion and fear, but all these things can overpower your ability to think and make decisions.

Coming back to the situation, for dislocate shoulders you can hit it against the hard surface or roll on the ground to reset a bone. And in case of fracture, first, you need to create a splint with a couple of sticks and then stabilize the fractured bone with the help of those wooden sticks and tie them together using shoelaces.   

Essentials for an emergency kit

  • Map, compass, GPS device or altimeter
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and sun-protective clothes
  • Extra batteries
  • A hunting knife and gun
  • First aid kit including insect repellent and band-aid
  • Matches, lighter or stove
  • Shelter
  • Extra food, water, and clothes

Following these above-mentioned survival tips and techniques can help you escape safely out of any number of situations.

If you think we missed out on something or you have any tips or suggestions that you would like to share, write us in the comment box below.


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