What Do Soldiers Carry In Their Backpacks?


Normally, soldiers carry a lot heavier backpack as compared to civilians. With that being said, most of the civilians are still curious as to what soldiers carry in their backpacks. The contents of the backpacks are different as compared to those of civilians. Today, we will help you understand the contents of a backpack of a soldier.Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag Army Assault Pack Backpack Military Rucksack Waterproof Backpacks(Coyote 45L)

What do soldiers carry in their backpacks?

The list is pretty long. We will list on some of the components of their backpacks below.

  1. Meals ready to eat:

Meals ready to eat are a significant part of the contents of the soldier's backpack. They do not know where their next assignment will be. They do not know whether they will be able to get the time to prepare their meal. That is why they always carry meals ready to eat.

  1. Water:

In addition to that, they always carry plenty of supply of water as well. If they are not carrying water, they will carry a water filter so that they are able to generate healthy portable drinking water wherever they go.

   3. Essentials:

They carried essential items like the firestarter, fire kit, flashlight, sunglasses, and sun protection and so on. This is to ensure that they are able to survive out there in the wilderness quite easily.

  1. Communication gear:

They always carry communication and location gear along with themselves. This ensures that they are having a compass as well as a two-way radio and walkie-talkie in most of the cases. They also carry a GPS unit in order to ensure that they are able to locate themselves.FREE SOLDIER Multifunction Mens Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Messenger Bag Assault Pack Gear Handbag Utility Carry Bag(Muddy)

  1. First aid Kit:

The first-aid kit is essential in the backpack whether you’re a civilian or whether you’re a soldier. Their 1st aid kits are much more comprehensive as compared to the ones which civilians use.

  1. Weapons:

Needless to say, since they are soldiers, they will be carrying some weapons as well. While not always, they carry the rifles but having a pistol is pretty common. In addition to that, they have a multipurpose survival knife as well. This ensures that they are able to defend themselves in any kind of emergency.

  1. Clothing options:

They always carry clothing options which can be easily dried and reused.

Below is also an extra  list for those who are interested (starting from what is placed inside first)

For a dynamic pack
1. ECWCS top and bottom (ranger roll)
2. Spare socks (ranger roll and sometimes x2)
3. MRE (or enough food for up to 12 hours)
4. Iodine tablets
5. Rifle cleaning kit
6. Spare batteries
7. Chem sticks
8. IFAK ‘Individual First Aid Kit’ (Tourniquet, Dressings, trauma shears, Celox/quik clot, wound packing/gauze, Halo Chest seal, medical exam gloves and decompression needle)
9. Camouflage (face paint)
10. Wipes (hygiene)
11. Paracord
On the outside of the pack
1. Electrical tape
2. Carabiners
3. Fire starter
4. Road flares/signaling devices
5. Ranger beads
6. Ham Radio with a VMAS antenna, UT94 or some type of PTT

These items can change depending on what mission/objective requires.

72-hour bags would include all of this plus food, water, supplies for 72 hours, mess kit, shelter half, etc. Load bearing equipment has its own specific purposes as well, which have warm layer clothing, spare socks, foot powder or foot related medical, MRE, personal items, etc.

Thus, when you’re wondering about the contents of a soldier’s backpack, these are the few items which almost each and every soldier carries in their backpack.


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