What Specialized Hunting Tools Did Neanderthals Lack?

What Specialized Hunting Tools Did Neanderthals Lack?

Many tools which are used today were not present during the Neanderthal age. That is why the Neanderthal man was not able to hunt as efficiently as we do today. The absence of arrows also meant that the civilization at that time was not that developed. While many of the tools and resources were developed at a later stage but the Neanderthals civilization also lacked certain basic hunting tools. We will shed some light on these tools today.Image result for hunting

What specialized hunting tools did Neanderthals lack?

The Neanderthals lacked arrows as well as Spears. Due to this very reason, they were not able to hunt from a greater distance. Whenever they wanted to hunt, they had to go very close to their prey. This also meant that they were risking their lives. However, in order to get food, they had no other option but to go very near to their prey. In addition to that, they also set up some of the traps for the smaller prey. That is why not always they were required to go near the prey.

In addition to that, whenever they wanted to hunt bigger prey, they had to put their life at risk. This was due to the absence of large hunting tools which they lacked. Owing to the lack of efficient tools, their success rate in hunting bigger prey was also pretty limited. Dueto this very reason, they relied mostly on plants and smaller animals in order to gather food.

Image result for huntingMoreover, the animals and the prey of those times where much larger as compared to what we see today. That is why there was a higher risk for them of getting injured. This was one of the main reasons why hunting was so risky during the Neanderthal age. It was only after the Neanderthal age that hunting instruments like spear and arrows were built.

Spears and arrows could help man catch their prey from a greater distance. That is why they were able to keep away from the bigger prey and the vicious prey. They were still able to capture it quite easily. This meant that they were able to gather food without having to put their lives at risk.

Thus, when you look at the Neanderthal age, some of the most vital hunting tools like arrows as well as spears were lacking. This was the reason why they were not that efficient at hunting.

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