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Stealth Angel Survival is the premier site to find essential outdoors, camping, hiking, adventure and survival equipment. Their items have been hand selected by the experts to get through the customers or any other user through any type of situation in the best way possible.Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit, Multi-Purpose EDC Outdoor Emergency Tools and Evereyday Carry Gear, Official Survival Kit

It is an American owned and operated team of experts who pride themselves in their world class customer service and product offering. Stealth Angel Survival was found with one guiding principle, which is to provide customers with the most essential, highest quality products at an affordable price.

Stealth Angel Survival is backed by a world class customer support team that are with you every step of the way. The Stealth Angel Survival Kit also known as everyday carry kit was specifically designed and developed by the experts to keep people safe in every situation.Puhibuox Survival Gear Kit, Gifts for Him Dad Husband Men Boyfirend Teen Boys 14-in-1, EDC Outdoor Emergency Tactical Survival Tool for Cars, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Adventure Accessories

The professional team of enthusiasts, law enforcement members and veterans have created the perfect sized compact everyday kit that one can take anywhere. The item in the kit were hand-selected so that it can cover the widest range of possible scenarios.

The professional team have in their mind that having access to the right tool at the right time can make major difference in ensuring the people and the loved ones are safe. The kit was packed into a super compact, discrete, ultra-durable, waterproof and easy to carry case that is the size of a small book.Emergency Survival Kit, 12 in 1 Outdoor Survival Gear Lifesaving Tools Contains Folding Knife, Compass, Fire Starter, Flashlights for Camping Hiking Wilderness Adventures and Disaster Preparedness

The kit is compact enough for one to throw in the backpack, car, office drawer or store in virtually and small handy space that one can access quickly.  With over many uses combined, this skillfully assembled kit is the smartest and most compact survival kit of its kind.

One should reduce the fear and anxiety that arise from the uncertainty of being prepared. One should keep the kit near and be confident that you can survive a multitude of situations by having access to simple, high quality tools that have been thoughtfully assembled in one compact package.Stealth Angel Compact 9-in-1 Survival Kit with Paracord Bracelet, Multi-Purpose EDC Outdoor Emergency Tools and Evereyday Carry Gear, Official Survival Kit

What do one get with his/her kit?


  • Professional Tact Flashlight-350 Lumen XML Q5. Super Bright 350 Lumen (Max Output) LED producing an Intense Beam of Light of up to 600 feet or more. Precision optics with scalable focus and tac-head design. Waterproof, shockproof and rust proof. Intelligent tail-tap switch, high/low/strobe modes means one will be ready for anything that comes your way. Runs off a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable and gives an individual hours of use. Heavy duty, compact and tough as nails makes this flashlight perfect for hunting, camping and any other situation. LED Flashlight - Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML-T6 Handhold Flashlight-Portable, Zoomable, Waterproof, Super Brightness with 5 Light Modes for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 2 pack (Batteries Not Included)


  • Heavy-Duty Tact-Pen with Carbide Tip. Heavy-duty tact-pen made of aircraft aluminum with carbide tip. This can effectively be used for emergency situations. This pen is lightweight, portable and durable. The ultra-durable carbide tip glass breaker can be used to break glass in any emergency. Diamond thread design at the handle, which provides excellent grip, anti-skid features and durability to fray wires. Compatible with standard refills. It can be clipped to shirts, blouse, suit, pocketbook strap, pockets. The glass breaker carbide tip is used to escape from a wrecked vehicle or as a means of self-defense. POTEGAR Survival Gear Kits 14 in 1- Outdoor Emergency SOS Survive Tool for Wilderness/Trip/Cars/Hiking/Camping Gear - Wire Saw, Emergency Blanket, Flashlight, Tactical Pen, Water Bottle Clip ect
  • 11-in-1 multi-function pocket survival card. Can opener: open tin cans with the hook mouth and the top edge of the tool. Screwdriver tip: quick access with the corner of the card allows functionality for opening all types of screws. Ruler: with cm and mm markings on the ruler, calculations are made easier. Bottle cap opener: perfect for bottle liquids and other packaged liquids.SE 11-in-1 Multi-Function Wallet Survival Tools (20-Pack)

Butterfly wrench: a great tool for working in small spaces where you need more torque than a conventional socket. 4 position wrench. Useful for various size nuts and bolt heads when you need quick access. Compact jagged tooth: cutting wood branches, ropes and zip ties in a compact space. The direction identifier: great tool to use with a compass to reorient yourself with your surroundings. 2 position wrench: perfect for odd size screws and bolts. Lanyard Hole: perfect for hanging as a necklace or carrying with you like a set of keys.

  • Dual Chamber Aluminum High Frequency Pea Less Whistle. Durable, strong and made of high quality aluminum alloy. Water-resistant, anti-freeze, and anti-mold pea less design. Dual chamber design provides crisp sound up to 118 decibels. Maximum sound intensity of up to 118 decibels, which can be heard from up to half a mile away. Perfect for various sports, camping, mountaineering, travel, running, climbing, backpacking and more. Ultra-light and portable, can attach to bags or wear on your neck.Fox 40 Pearl Safety Loud Pealess Outdoor, Survival, Boat Safety, Lifeguard Rescue, Marine Emergency Whistle + Breakaway Lanyards | 2pk Bundle + Koala Lanyard, Orange
  • Large Ferro cerium Rod /Flint with Sticker. Up to 12000 strikes from thick 8mm Ferro cerium rod. Sparks shower at 3000 degrees Celsius to ignite a fire in any whether at any attitude. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, bugout, everyday carry, emergency, survival, campfires, cooking, gas stoves, and more.Camp Flint - Magnesium Metal Rod Mg Element Bar Purity 99.99 Survival Emergency Accessory - 6013 Storage Electric 7018 Heater Iron Welding Assortment 6011 Forge Plastic Steel Easy Alumin
  • Lightweight Compass with Dual Scale Ruler. Lightweight emergency survival tool compass. Fixed declination correction scale, jewel bearing, and dual scales (cm or inches). With neck strap making it convenient for carrying. Black scale which allows for easy reading on the map. Ideal for outdoors, hiking, camping, climbing, adventure expeditions and many other outdoor activities.Hukai Multifunction Ruler Stainless Steel Compasses Protractor Hexagon Ruler Scale Tool
  • Ultra-Bright 2-Mode Keychain LED Flashlight. Two modes: ON/OFF switch and squeezed button for quick lighting. 10 lumen unbreakable LED. Mini keychain feature to keep on your person for emergency situation. Easy to use. Batteries installed. Therefore, there is no additional power is required. Morpilot 2 Pcs UV Handheld Flashlight 12 Led 395nm Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Dog Cat Stain Urine Detector Light Torch, Find Stains on Carpet, Rugs, Clothes or Bed, Catch Scorpion, Hotel Inspection
  • Compact Durable Waterproof and Shockproof Carrying Case. ABS plastic durable waterproof case to keep the item safe from the elements. Designed to fit into most compact spaces in order to be accessed easily. There is also tight locking mechanism for safety. Includes integrated loop to optionally tie knots through.Lacdo EVA Shockproof Carrying Travel Case for Seagate Expansion Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB 2TB 4TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 2.5-Inch, GPS Camera and External Battery Pack



  1. Para cord Bracelet (with whistle and fire starter). High strength material that is durable and long lasting. High frequency whistle that is built in to quickly use in emergency situations. Fire starter that is used to quickly and easily start a fire. Outdoor Edge ParaClaw Black Large, PCK-90C, Paracord Survival Bracelet with 1.5 Inch Knife Blade, Black, Large Size
  2. 7-in-1 Multi-Tool Pliers. It is compact and useful in all situations. It has LED flashlight in it which is perfect for tight situations when you are working and need a quick light. There are also pliers. Tighten and loosen bolts, crimp and cut wires and more. Compact jagged tooth that can be used to cut rope, fire starting materials and wires. It also has Philips Screwdriver or bottle opener that can be used as screwdrivers or open bottles in tight situations that may lack any other option. It also contains wire cutters which are used for cutting wires, cords, strings perfectly and more in a pinch. It also contains key chains that are used to keep on you at all times with its own carrying case.Southwire Tools & Equipment S7N1HD 7-In-1 Multi-Tool Plier: Shears 6-32 & 8-32 Bolts, Grips, Strips 10-14 AWG SOL & 12-16 AWG STR, Bolt spanner, Bolt shears, Crimper, Reamer; Heavy Duty Forged Steel

Different people have different ways of seeing things. Therefore, there are problems associated with this survival kit.

Problems Associated with Stealth Angel Survival Kit. 

  1. One of the problems is about the brand name. If a novice hears the name stealth angel for the first time, one will probably think that they sell weapons and military stuffs. The overly name will bring this impression that the product is gimmicky. That is, if they are selling survival kits, there are no reason for them to make it more aggressive. 
  2. The outside appearance of the kit is also a major concern. The black box with the aggressive font will make it appear that it is a gun case. Not a good idea nowadays when people a getting sensitive. Note that the kit has a real weapon inside. The tactical pen is a less than lethal weapon, but it is still a weapon.
  3. The color also matters a lot. The dark, militarized color should be swapped to a more readily visible safety color (orange or bright red). If one is in emergency and he/she must reach for his/her survival kit, the black color will give a huge problem. In the dark of the night it will be hard to find, and even in daylight if one drops it on a foliage covered ground.

With the state of the art compact survival and everyday carry kit, shipped directly from the Stealth Angel warehouse in California to across the U.S.A., the professional team created a strong and trustworthy bond with their customers and other people across the world, with the community and the entire nation.

The professional team produces quality stealth angel survival kit as known to many people around the world. They not only provide product with high quality but also offer them at a fair price without discriminating any customer who is willing to buy.

The professional team are good marketers when it comes to marketing their product. The product itself is self-contained and the usage of the product is also not such complicated.

The price itself is affordable and every loyal customer can manage to get at least one of the products. Therefore, these affordability of the price allows every single being to get one of this wonderful products.


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