Survival kits are really necessary in case of any situation or disaster that may arise. The media and some countries recommend having survival kits not only at home, but at work, in schools and places where people usually spend more time, because we do not know where we will be when a disaster happens.

B00149VP14This type of kits are designed to help us survive for a certain period of time to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, for example. So, in that kit, we must have everything we need at hand to survive if we get caught until they rescue us. It is therefore very important to have a kit of these already prepared in our home and even, if you can, take one in our car, because prevention never hurts.

- What do you need in a survival kit?

B0774H76P5One of the paramount things that we should keep in the survival kits are canned or long-lasting meals. They should be foods that do not need to be refrigerated or that should not be stored in a refrigerator, remember that we are thinking about the worst cases. In this way, we should take with us fresh food that can be stored in the kit and kept in good condition, as well as we need to store plenty of bottled water.

Having devices like flashlights, small radios and even a can opener, are things that can really save our lives and we can not forget to include them in our survival kit.

Another key element in a kit of this type, is to have, within it, a small emergency kit, where we have stored medical items that can help us to heal a wound quickly or to relieve some pain. All this thinking that, if we are alone in one place and there is a natural disaster, we have no one but ourselves and therefore we must have all those kinds of elements that can save our lives in a survival kit.

- What are the items in a survival kit?

B072BLY6HFWithin the items or devices that we must carry in our kit, in addition to the food and the other emergency kit, we find fundamental devices that can be very helpful.

As I mentioned a little earlier, a flashlight can help us see in dark places, a radio can help us learn more about our situation, a whistle will make someone outside our perimeter listen and help us, a cordless phone It will make that, if we are lucky enough to have a signal, we can call emergencies. A set of knives or tweezers can help us open things that we can not open with our own hands. A tinderbox or a box of matches is also essential, in case we have to light a fire or make signals with the smoke itself to find us.

We must think about everything when assembling a survival kit, because we will never know which item will be more helpful than another.

- Why is it important to have an emergency kit?

B000FJQQVIEmergency kits are usually recommended by countries when there is a high threat of a possible earthquake or other natural disaster. However, since in most cases they are situations that can not be foreseen, it is good to have an emergency kit at home at all times.

We must think about the worst situations and what we would do if we did not have an emergency kit handy. Even if we have someone at home and something happens or something happens to ourselves, we can resort to the emergency kit to get what we need out of it, be it pills or alcohol to clean up some wound. The cases in which we need an emergency kit are many, and the chances increase if we are in an area of risk or live with older adults or children. That's why it's so important to be prepared at all times, even with a small kit.

- What do you need in an earthquake kit?

B00149VP14The kits in case of earthquakes, do not have much more than the survival kits, but if they take a little more preparation, thinking then, the seriousness of the matter.

In this way, we find items similar to those of a survival kit, such as the flashlight, the whistle, the water, the food, the emergency kit and those kinds of things, but we find some more that you will notice that they are more necessary in case the disaster we must be careful of is an earthquake.

Among these things we find copies of keys, both at home and in the car, copies of identity documents of the whole family, in case there are people lost due to the accident; money in cash that will help us acquire things quickly, a change of clothes if possible or, even, a coat, because we do not know if we are going to be cold, so it would also be good to bring a blanket.

All that kind of thing is advisable to have them in a bag or backpack easy to transport, in case we have to run with it, to take it more comfortably.

- What do you need in an emergency car kit?

B0006MQJ0MThe emergency kits for cars are a little different from the ones we have been seeing, since they should help us solve situations inside the car. However, something that is never missing in any type of kit, is an emergency kit or first aid kit.

Anyway, among the items that we should have in an emergency kit to have in the car, are things like: a fire extinguisher, tools for the car, gloves, traffic signals to indicate that we had an accident, a bat or something Strong in case we have to break the glass and all that kind of stuff.

With these items, we can solve an emergency that may happen to us when we are using our car. In that way we see how important it is to be prepared for everything that can happen to us anywhere.


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