Top 20 Outdoor Survival Skills For Kids


We all love our kids more than ourselves. Being parents, we want to protect them from every miss happening. But have you ever thought about what will you do if your kid gets in such a situation where you can not go to project them?

Only loving your kid or protect them, is not the responsibility of good parents. But teaching your kids to survive in a hazardous situation is much important.

In this post, we will tell you about the Top 20 outdoor survival skills for kids.

Top 20 Outdoor Survival Skills For Kids

  1. Keep Calm

Stay calm in problematic conditions broadly crucial skills that your kids must learn. Survive in dangerous situations will be next to impossible for a kid if get panic.

So, you should try to teach them to stay calm. You can teach them basic meditation, which will be helpful for them to concentrate on the solutions rather than being panic while surviving.

  1. Skill Of Making Fire

Fire making will be a considerable skill for survivors because a loss of body temperature can lead to death faster than a lack of water. Building a fire can also help a kid to indicate his location. The kid can use fire to purify and boil water and preparing the food too.

  1. The skill Of Finding Water

Water can play a crucial role in your kid's survival. Because no one can survive without drinking water for a long time. So, your kid must be good at this skill. You can teach them about collecting rainwater.

  1. To Purify The Water

The skill of purifying water is very essential for being healthy enough to survive for a long time. You can teach them to collect the rainwater and purity by boiling.

  1. Find Food

Most plants are considered poisonous. However, the various plants are very safe and nutritive. Some have medicinal properties too. It is very important to teach your kids to recognize these plants. so that they can manage to find food for them to get energy in outdoor survival situations.

  1. Preparing Food

On the subject of finding food, once a kid learns how to find food, he should also know how to prepare food. If your kid is stuck in a survival situation, there will be plenty of nutritive plants to cook and eat.

  1. Using a Knife

When a kid grabs sharp objects like knives, most of the parents often scare their kids. Yet, instead of scaring children to use the knife, parents must teach children how to properly use sharp and dangerous knives.

The next time you are in the forest with your kids, you can give them a small razor and put it in your pocket. You should instruct your kids to chop things with a knife.

  1. To Find or Build a Shelter

You need to teach your kid about the importance of staying away from the elements of poor weather. in case the child gets lost in the desert. Finding shelter is a top priority. It is also important to teach your child that shelter should be created if the shelter cannot be found.

You can teach your child to build a shelter with a stick. Your kid can also use tree branches as a shelter from the rain and shade to keep them cool. All of these skills are essential to prevent your child from being completely exposed to bad weather.

  1. Basic First Aid

Performing basic first aid is a skill that can make your kids survive much for him. Because in case your child gets injured then he can recover by first aid. So being a parent, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of making your kid expert in basic first aid. 

  1. Determination Of Direction

Every parent must teach their kid to determine directions which is a very valuable skill, in case a kid gets lost. If your kid knows how to tell the address of your home, then it can make it easier for others to take him to you.

  1. Self Defense

One more skill not to forget is to teach your child self-defense. Self-defense is vital in survival, not only for your potential safety but also for your kid's well-being.

Self-defense training may take time but can be of great benefit to your child. You will also enjoy teaching your kids to defend them in a dangerous situation.

  1. Self-Awareness

If your child is aware of their surroundings, then they are better capable to face or avoid situations that could put them in danger. By indicating your kid what to look for in different situations, he will always be ready to respond. One skill to highlight is to listen and observe throughout the process.

  1. To Climb a Tree

If your child is alone in the forest, they will face many dangers and challenges. When facing a predator, one of the ways your child can be safe is to climb a tree.

Teaching kids to climb trees is one of the crucial skills needed for survival. Your child can also climb trees to determine where he is as well as Climbing trees is also useful for hunting.

  1. Stitching

Stitching is likewise a beneficial skill to teach your kid. if your kid knows to stitch, he will be able to fix the dresses themselves.  Additionally, knowing the way to stitch will help him to repair tents.

  1. Overcome the Fear of The Dark

Most of the kids have an extreme fear of the dark. They can be in dark for even a minute. But in a survival situation, fear of the dark can be the most difficult thing for them to tackle or it can make it harder for them to survive. You should help them in overcoming the fear of the dark. You can play hide and seek them to be calm in dark.

  1. Swimming 

Swimming is the fundamental skill that every kid must know. This skill is important not only for survival but also useful to keep your kid active in this era of technology, where kids prefer to play games on smartphones rather than taking participate in physical activity. You must enroll your kids in the swimming club. 

  1. Running Fast

Your kid must be a good runner. Running can be beneficial for him to stay safe from animals in survival. You should help them to build a habit of running daily which will keep them stay fit and be an advantage in dangerous situations. 

  1. Making a Weapon 

If a kid in a situation where he does not have a weapon with him, then it could be a little harder for him to stay safe or energetic for so long. Because the weapon is used to make shelter or hunt. You must teach your kids to make weapons from rocks and woods. You may also teach them to make a bow and use them.

  1. Small Hunting

The skill of making weapons could be in vain if a kid does not know to hunt. Basic hunting will be advantageous for him to arrange food to defend from animals.

  1. To Control The Hunger And Thirst 

Children are very sensitive in the case of eating and drinking. They can not control their hunger and thirst. On the other hand, in survival conditions, they may not easily get food or water. So you have to teach to overcome the desire of eating and drinking in very little hunger and thirst.


In this post, we mentioned the Top 20 outdoor survival skills for kids. These skills are mandatory to teach a kid for their well-being in hazardous situations. If yet, you have not taught any of this skill to you kid, then unwillingly you are putting him in danger. So be a good parent and take some time from your busy schedule to make your kid independent.


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