Top 7 Best Canteen For Bug Out Bag[UPDATED 2021]


A canteen is a drinking water bottle designed to be used by campers, hikers, soldiers, and people who have to do field work. Basically, it is a bottle fitted with a shoulder strap or a belt and covered with a cloth bag and padding to protect the bottle and insulate the liquid. And the padding is used to keep the liquid cool by soaking it with water. A canteen is important to add in a bug out bag.

We have listed best canteen for a bug out bag to make things easy for you.


This is a Canteen kit which includes- 10 piece of Aquamira Water purification tablets, 1 canteen with slip, scissor, 11 in 1 Survival Tool,  and a VAS guide of  "How to make drinking water". This kit can be all rounder canteen kit in your bug out bag.



  • Has good quality water purification tablets.
  • Has 11 in one Tool which can be very useful.a


  • Bottle quality is cheap.
  • The kit is little over priced
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2. TargetEvo Stainless Steel Military Canteen

TargetEvo Bottle is made of heavy-duty Stainless steel which makes it perfect for rough work. This could be a great option for hiking, camping or for long field works.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Snap closure pouch
  • Bottle lid can be used as a cup
  • Can be used for a long term


  • The bottle is heavily weighted.
  • Price is a little High
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3. Coleman Military Style Canteen

Coleman Military Canteen can be used in daily life. It is very portable and easy to carry. The bottle has an adjustable belt too.


  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Bottle snaps into insulated cotton cover
  • Cover clips onto adjustable belt
  • The attached cap makes for easy opening.


  • The adjustable belt breaks easily.
  • The bottle is plastic
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4. Laken Clasica 1 Liter 34 oz Water Bottle Canteen

If you are looking for a little style in your Canteen than this bottle is for you. Laken Clasica is a lightweight, Aluminum bottle with polyamide inner coating.


  • Have great looks
  • Lightweight.
  • Made with aluminum
  • Has polyamide inner coating


  • Little over prices
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5. Tap Antibacterial Collapsible Water Bottle BPA Free Flat Hydration Soft Canteen

This bottle is the first antibacterial collapsible water bottle canteen. This Tap is also FDA-approved - 99.9% germs or bacterias from liquid reduced proven by the test of KCL.


  • Anti Bacterial
  • Portable
  • Almost Weightless


  • Not recommended for long term use.
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6. Laken Pluma 34oz 1L Water Bottle Hiking and Camping Canteen

If you are all into camo look, this canteen is just made for you.


  • Made of polyethylene, BPA Free
  • Durable, resistant and tough
  • Screw cap, cover and shoulder strap


  • It has a weird smell when it arrives.
  • Quality of Strap is cheap
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7. Stansport Aluminum Scout Canteen, 1-Quart

Stansport Aluminum Scout Canteen is made of lightweight aluminum. It features a leak-proof cap with security chain and a cotton cover with an adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Leak-proof cap with security chain
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Quality of the bottle is cheap
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