Top 7 Best North Face Backpack


The north face backpack is constructed using top-quality materials which are attractive and fashionable to the delight of women.

Women love classy and stylish designs so details are given to the colors and material used in making the north backpack.


In this article, we have highlighted the 7 best north face backpacks that are the most used and popular north face backpacks.

We have highlighted the qualities of each of the different north face backpacks in this article to act as a guide for you in the choice of north face backpacks to purchase.

1. The North Face Women's Recon

The north face women's backpack is designed to suit the flexibility that women deserve. Its adjustable shoulder straps and a well-padded mesh back panel give the backpack a more comfortable lumbar support. This backpack is a perfect addition to the bag collections.


  • The backpack made from a high-quality 210D Cordura brand nylon mini-ripstop (TNF Black).
  • The women's flex vent suspension design makes it ideal for convenience and comfortable use by women.
  • The padded backpack, fleece-lined laptop sleeve in the bags’ main compartment gives the backpack extra protection for laptops.
  • With its extra starched front pockets to keep additional contents that you really need.
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2. The North Face Jester Backpack

The north face jester backpack is designed for different outdoor and indoor use. But it is suitable for campus use and outdoor events because it is made from high-quality materials which are durable. The backpack is uniquely made to give comfort when carrying the backpack.


  • It is designed for women because it has a unique FlexVent design that perfectly fits the body contour of women.
  • The backpack is well padded to protect fragile objects like laptops and other electronic gadgets.
  • The backpack is quite spacious and will contain the essential items needed for an outdoor or indoor occasion. It has a capacity of 27L.
  • It has a comfortable foam-stitched foam back panel for convenience when in use.
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3. The North Face Vault - Bright Cobalt Blue & TNF Black

One of the great features of this north face backpack is that it is designed from high-quality materials to give extra protection to its contents. The north face backpack are always attractive and are suitable for different occasions and outdoor use.


  • It is very comfortable to carry because it has a stitched foam back panel.
  • It has a large compartment and other smaller compartments for proper organization of your essential items.
  • The material of the bag is made of superior qualities, 600 Fabrics and 1200D polyester. These qualities make the north face backpack ideal for use in most environmental conditions.
  • The backpack is roomy and spacious enough because it has a capacity of 30L.
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4. The North Face Recon Backpack

This backpack is designed for outdoor events. You are all protected when you use the north face recon backpack for outdoor expenditure and you are assured that your packed items will be safe and intact because of the strength and construction designs employed in the manufacturing of the backpack.


  • You have a lifetime guarantee on this product.  This product is fully warranted against defects of the material. Exclusions apply.
  • The backpack has an improved capacity which is up to 30L which is ideal for outdoor events.
  • Your laptop is safe when you use the north face recon backpack
  • The backpack has zippered compartments, water bottle tabs, extendable starch pockets and so many other features which will assist you to organize your items and accessories.
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5. The North Face Unisex Recon Squash (Youth)

The north face Unisex recon squash backpack is designed for use by youths. The straps, back mesh and the overall design of the backpack is made to suit the flexibility and convenience of the body shape of youths.


  • The backpack has got enough compartments that suit the style of youths.
  • It is made of a mesh^Nylon^Polyester material which makes it ideal for different harsh environmental conditions.
  • The backpack is ideal for play, school, and work.
  • It has reflective safety tipping which makes it ideal for use at night.
  • It is made of 600D polyester material.
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6. The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack- 15"

This is just an amazing quality north face backpack that is designed to keep its content safe. It can hold a 15’’ laptop intact during a bumping outdoor event.


  • The backpack is made of high-quality materials. 500d Nylon/Cordura  ripstop
  • Its FlexVent design gives comfort and convenience when in full use.
  • The backpack is ideal for mobile and electronic gadgets because the bag is well padded to give extra protection.
  • It has zippered pockets, a reflective bike –loop, water bottle tabs, and shoulder-strap webbing which gives 360 degrees of reflectivity.
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7. The North Face Wise Guy

This is an enhanced update of the typical north face backpack. The north face backpack comes in a fashionable design which makes it ideal for different occasions.


  • The updated flex vent suspension designs give it the extra comfort when in use
  • The backpack is breathable which makes it ideal for use in different weather or environmental conditions
  • The laptop compartment is well protected to withstand heavy-duty use
  • It has a secured zippered compartment and several other pockets for the proper organization of your items.
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The list above of the 7 best north face backpack highlighted in this article is all unique brands which are reputable for making top quality north face backpack that is fashionable and classy.

The best north face backpack designed to have several compartments for storage and organization of the essential items you need.

Other backpacks are designed with detail given to style and durability. So it is important that you buy the best north face backpack that suits your style and class.


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