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We never know what can happen to who. A catastrophic disaster or emergency can hit anyone anytime. It could be your friends, family or even you stuck in a situation where your connection to outside world is dropped. One should always be ready for that kind of circumstances. I am not suggesting to stockpile food, water and other survival needs of 5 years. But to hold up a 72-hour survival kit which can help you to survive until someone comes to your rescue.

Every new prepper has to start somewhere but it could be a time-consuming task to research, find, buy and gather various surviving things. But someone already worked on this problem. You can easily get 72-hour survival kits on Amazon. But wait, there are lots of them and which one to buy?

Here I am with this post on Top 5 best 72-hour survival kit.

1. Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit

This product comes in 2 variant: 2 People Kit and 4 People Kit

The kit contains Back Backpack, food, water, zip lock bags, reflective sleeping bags, adult ponchos(raincoats), Tube Tent, hand warmers, water purification powder, water container, light sticks, toothbrush and paste, soap, comb, razor, shampoo, feminine pads, toilet paper. total First Aid Kit, duct tape, whistle, rope, gloves, knife, playing cards, can opener, pencil.

Things in the kit are packed separately and properly organized.


  • Neatly packed. Items are well organized in zip-lock bags.
  • The bag is very lightweight.
  • Items included in the backpack are of high quality.
  • The company also sells its refill packs.
  • Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified


  • The pack is water-resistant and not waterproof. But you can apply a coating of scotch guard or Aqua armor to further protect the bag and its content.
  • The bag is pretty much full and you cannot add more things to it.
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2. Ready America Emergency Kit

This company has kept the bars low and added just most necessary items to survive for 3 days. It includes food, water and emergency blankets, one 33-piece first aid kit, two safety light sticks, Dust masks, Nitrile gloves, Whistle, Ponchos, Tissue and the backpack.


  • Lightweight. Easy to carry and access all the items.
  • Loaded with all important to survive items.
  • Price is cheap
  • Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified


  • Limited items
  • The first aid kit is too basic to be very useful
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3. Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe-4 Person

The backpack provides the essential tools for evacuation, sheltering-in-place as well as a grab-and-go 72 hour kit for individuals, families, and groups. The kit is more concentrated on Reliable food, water, communication, shelter, sanitary and hygiene needs.


  • Very well equipped package and well organized
  • It has everything that you will need to survive in an emergency.
  • Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified


  • Bag provided is more of a gym bag than a backpack
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4. 4 Person Premium Survival Kit

It is an ideal survival kit backpacks for families, couples, individuals. It comes load with a proper amount of food and water supply which can be sufficient for a group of 4 to survive 72 hours in an emergency.


  • It has everything and still takes up little room in the bag pack.
  • Room in the bag to add your personal things.
  • Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified
  • Comes with a bag which is durable


  • The backpack is little heavy.
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5. Survival Disaster Kit Emergency Preparedness Food Water and Gear

It contains Food Ration packs, zip lock bags, purified water, first aid, hand sanitizer, tissue pack, basic First Aid kit, Alcohol cleansing pads, flashlight, whistle, light stick, waterproof matches, candle, blankets, ponchos and pocket knife.


  • High-quality Items
  • Contains necessary items only
  • Food and water are U.S. Coast Guard certified


  • The bag has no more room.
  • The bag is of low quality.

It is necessary to be prepared, you may never know. Share this post with your friends and family members to make them prepare.

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