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According to a survey performed by Statista, 42% of households in the United States own one or more firearms. From this data, it can be derived that there are 83 guns or firearms privately owned by every 100 people across the nation. For this reason, it can be concluded that the country has a heavily armed civilian population.

Guns and firearms are now considered part of survival arsenal.  Owners and potential owners alike sought information on how to use this equipment.  Experts offer their advice and tips by using blogging platform hence the popularity Gun and Firearm Blogs. There are a lot of data available from these blogs. It includes regulations and restrictions, proper use, and even responsible gun ownership advocacy. 

The result is massive following of the passionate and interested fans.With such demand, there are blogs that receive a whopping 1 million viewers and counting per month.  Check the top blogs with huge followers. Check the reasons why we thought they are interesting and worth your subscription.

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  1. The Fire Arm Blog (TFB)

TFB is a go-to place for latest news in the world of firearms, hunting, defense, and military. The site is up and running for over 10 years thus making them a reliable news authority. Their passionate writers came from different backgrounds tackling various types of firearms and guns issues. Readers can also find write-ups of their favorite industry related companies. There are not so many websites like TFB that defend gun owner rights

Why it’s interesting? TFB is a community that gathers firearms enthusiasts from all over the world. They offer memberships for people who want to receive exclusive content and access special features.

  1. The Truth about Guns

The Truth about Guns features everything about guns. The website is subdivided into different categories from gun reviews, gear guide, gun for beginners, hunting to facts about guns. The Facts about Guns section is very extensive as it collates gun facts available that can makes anyone knowledgeable about their weapon.

Why it’s interesting?  The Truth about Guns is spearheaded by people who dedicated their lives researching about guns and related gears. They have an interesting gun review section that has roughly 632 articles. These articles are categorized accordingly so it is easy to find a particular topic.

  1. goes a long way to existence. It started as a bulletin board and today is now a full-blown forum wherein enthusiasts can share and explore information. The site has a growing number of users because of information that is being added every day.

Why it’s interesting? is a forum, resource and shop all rolled in one. The discussion forum offers thousands of topics that are maintained by experts. It offers an interactive platform that is why it has become popular. The site also has a guide section and shop area for an ultimate gun experience like no other.

  1. is straight to the point news site that offers a wide range of articles in the world of guns.  It offers a clear picture of the industry through a wide lens. Opinions and perspectives are presented accurately especially those coming from contributors. Readers can share their stories about owning a gun.

Why it’s interesting?The website is updated daily so fresh content can be read every single day. The main objective of the site is seen in the articles. It offers a balance of audience interest and ethical journalism practices.

  1. Ammoland

Ammoland is more than just a site for ammunition. It is an in-depth website that talks about shooting as a sport from archery to competitive shooting. The ammunition news section offers the latest for all top brands in the industry. Ammoland is also advocating gun rights through news and opinion sections.

Why it’s interesting?The site is more than just guns. It deals with the world of shooting too. The website has its own set of audience and they are people who are into competitive shooting.

  1. Guns and Ammo

Guns and Ammo is part of the Outdoor Sportsman Group which is the largest media company bringing information to outdoor sports enthusiasts. It combines both print and digital media covering the top of guns and ammunition including shooting sports events. The editors are expert in presenting the most interesting stories in the industry.

Why it’s interesting?Guns and Ammo is a part of the big media conglomerate. It is the online version of the magazine under the same flagship name. It covers a wide range of topic from shooting, survival, military defense, to other topics.

  1. American Rifleman

American Rifleman is the official journal of NRA (National Riffle Association).   The online version of the magazine contains firearms reviews, articles, and information. One of the notable features of this publication is the Armed Citizen that showcases amazing stories that highlight gun owners in America. It presents personal accounts of people using the Second Amendment.

Why it’s interesting? It is the flagship magazine of NRA. This has a wide range of articles and videos created by the members of the association.

  1. Brownells

Brownells is the largest supplier of gun parts, gunsmith tools, and shooting accessories. They have been providing quality items for over 75 years. It presents catalogs of identifiable products that have stood the test of time.

Why it’s interesting? Shopping online has never been easy with Brownells. The products are almost as close to hundred thousand. Everything that you need is all in one place.  It collects items from leading firearms manufacturers.

  1. Gun Digest

Gun Digest is a website that offers enthusiasts to keep up with updates in the community of gun owners. The site is very extensive as it houses years of content that grows on target over the years. It contains gun reviews, tips, concealed carry training among others.

Why it’s interesting?Get a sneak peek of the hottest books and exclusive content. There are videos of the latest guns and accessories.  Also, they have a wide range of social media communities on Facebook and Twitter. Everything about firearms is a click away.

  1. Field and Stream

Field and Stream is the official website of the famous store under the same name. The articles are created to inspire and stir people’s passion to go and check the outdoors. It is more than just a shop. It also offers a collection of tips, reviews, and roundups related to guns and firearms niche.

Why it’s interesting?The website is filled with a guide that will make you want to try and check out the great outdoors. Read the stories, memories and shared moments of real-life people who went on a hunting trip, fishing and other outdoor activities.

A million viewers a month of each website is a proof that they are worth your bookmark. Each website is offering a treasure of information related to guns and firearms.  Gain knowledge from this ultimate collection of websites the reach million views a month.

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