The Top Pros And Cons Of Mre Meals

The Top Pros And Cons Of Mre Meals

Many people think that the Mre Meals are one of the best solutions under survival circumstances. However, you have to look at the pros and cons of the same. You need to keep in mind that Mre Meals are only good enough if you know how to utilize them. Moreover, if you're completely new to utilizing these meals, you would not be able to know the calorie count as well as the nutrients which are available in them. That is why, while buying them for your bug out bag, you have to look at the ingredients and after looking at the ingredients, it would become easier for you to take a proper call about Mre Meals which you want to opt for.

Today we would be looking into some of the pros and cons of Mre Meals.


1. Long lasting:
They can easily last for a period of more than 5 years.

2. Balanced diet:
The meals are created in such a way that they are balanced in nature.

3. A variety of different options:
Mre Meals are spread across a variety of different options.

4. Cost effective:
Considering that they can last for such a long period of time, they are pretty cost-effective.

5. Easy to know the ingredients:
They are labeled according to the ingredients which are present.

6. Sufficient calorie count:
Most of them are designed to provide you with sufficient calorie count for a few hours.

7. Can be consumed easily:
You just need to open them and in some cases heat them and you would be able to consume them.

8. No Extra arrangements needed for storage:
You can easily store it at room temperature without making any special arrangements.

9. Compact:
The packets are pretty compact and therefore you can accommodate a lot of them in your backpack.

10. Easy to buy:
Mre Meals are easily available online for buying.


1. Different quality:
Unless and until you're not sure about the quality, you would not know whether you're buying the civilian quality or military quality.

2. Difficult to get the military quality:
If you're looking for the military quality meals, they are very difficult to get.

3. Difficult to open:
Due to the strong packaging, at times you would find it pretty difficult to open.

So, when you're looking into the pros and cons of Mre Meals these are a few things which you have to keep in mind.

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