What To Do With Old Backpacks?


Most of the people just throw away their old backpacks. However, you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of uses for the older backpacks. Either way, you can at least use it in some way which is better than throwing it off. We will today share with you what you should do with your older backpacks.Vans Old Skool II Backpack (Black)

  1. Using it as a tool Kit:

In many of the cases, when you’re keeping your tools in the garage, they are open and exposed to the atmosphere. On the other hand, you can keep them wrapped up in the olden backpack as well. This will ensure that the tools are always protected as well. They will be kept insulated from the elements of weather which will ensure that they last for a longer period of time.

  1. Selling them off at a garage sale:

Instead of just throwing them away, you can organize a garage sale with other older stuff. You would be surprised how many people actually buy the older backpacks. That is why you have to also think about selling them off instead of throwing them away.

  1. Stripping them for parts:

If neither of the above ideas fancies you, you can think about stripping them for parts as well. The straps, the buckles, as well as the zippers, are often used. That is why you have to strip them for parts as these will be useful later on. These parts can be used in some other backpacks in order to recycle them. That is why you have to think about stripping them for parts and keeping these parts with you.

  1. Creating a table cover:

With the help of fabric in the backpack, you can easily create a table cover. You just need to make sure that you are removing the attachments like the zippers and the buckles and you will be able to create the table cover quite easily. You need to, however, have some sewing skills in order to get this done.

Thus, instead of simply throwing away your old backpack, it is important to follow these few tips. With the help of these few tips, it will become much easier for you to reuse your older backpack or at least some parts of it. When you’re using it, you can be sure that you will be able to minimize the need of some other stuff. This will help you in saving a significant amount of money in the longer run.



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